Rift 1.9 is bringing out a new PvP mode to the game, named Conquest. This is a mass PvP based scenario that pits players up against one another in three different teams. Along with this, it takes place across a very large map and can hold more players than the previous PvP war fronts.

Much like war fronts, the Conquest mode is cross-server and utilizes a dual-faction system. In a sense, it's like the “mercenary” system of war fronts, in that the faction people are on doesn't impact which team they're on. Instead, teams are based on what the players choose. Along with this, teams can be changed in between matches, so you are not stuck with the same one forever.


There are three teams to choose from: Dominion, Oathsworn and Nightfall. All of these are essentially the same, and just choose which team you are on while fighting. As of the test, this was done via a spawned NPC in Meridian and Sanctum. Once this system went live, you can now just access it through the PvP menu (go to the Conquest tab).


Joining the Conquest is pretty simple: open the war front menu (default key “k”) and at the bottom you will see a tab that says “Conquest.” Clicking this opens the menu, which shows how many Conquest Points you have, the rewards you have unlocked, the zone you can enter and your faction. Clicking “join” will send you into a queue. It is worth noting that at this point there is still only one conquest zone: Stillmoor. There is no real information on whether any new ones are in the works yet, but with all the new zones that were released with Storm Legion it is hoped so. We need more variety! Not to mention it will allow more people to enter at once. With the game now going free to play, the population surge should make it worth adding the new zones. Until then, it is unlikely to be of any real benefit.

Conquest Points

These are earned as you take part in the events. On their own, they do not really do anything, however they do unlock different passive skills. They are as follows:

  • 1000 - Recognition I
  • 5000 - Swiftness I
  • 10000 - Readiness I
  • 17500 - Recognition II
  • 30000 - Swiftness II
  • 50000 - Readiness II
  • 80000 - Recognition III
  • 125000 - Swiftness III
  • 180000 - Readiness III

Swiftness grants additional mounted/unmounted movement speed (1-3%). Recognition grants additional Favor (1-3%). Readiness grants additional Attack Power, Max Health and Vengeance (1-3%).

All of the above rewards are passive and are earned after you have the right amount of Conquest Points. These are all unlocked for both PvP and PvE, as well, so you benefit from them even when spending time in warfronts or while raiding. This has caused some players to feel that the conquest system becomes “necessary,” although even with the 3% boost to Attack Power, I disagree. Sure, it is nice to do more damage, but the raids and other end game content are not based on maximizing every ounce of damage you can get. Therefore, while you can surely increase damage output, there is no real benefit other than to speed up the kills.

Point Decay

Conquest points decay on a daily basis. How much is lost depends on how much you have (or so it would seem – it is very hard to tell for sure), so keeping up with all the bonuses will require playing in the conquests on a regular basis. For this reason, attempting to keep all the bonuses maxed out really is not worth it unless you really enjoy the PvP. If you are doing the conquests for the sole reason of the bonuses, it is a better idea to just skip it altogether. Nothing you can gain from it will make or break the game, so missing out on stuff will not either.

The War

When you first enter the zone, you will be in a protected area. Here you'll find a crafting station, an orb for dropping off sourcestones, and turrets. By opening up your map you will see something like the following:


Each of the orbs you see in the map are Conquest Extractors. When you get to these, you can destroy them, after which you can stand by them for a few seconds and turn them to your team's ownership. Some of these will also have turrets, and those that do can be upgraded using Nexus Infusion (the same skill used in Ember Isle Onslaughts). As you do upgrades, you will need to upgrade each turret individually. It will take at least a few people in order to get them all fully upgraded, although you can usually do at least one on your own. It is best to go ahead and upgrade these any time you have charges, just because any help is better than none (even while you are not near the extractor). Delaying an enemy from being able to take it down for another ten seconds puts you that far ahead.

Furthermore, you will see some markers that look like triangles. These, when captured, allow you to teleport to different locations from within your camp. These are especially beneficial in that they significantly cut down the run time to get to different areas, so it is important to capture these. If you teleport through one of these locations, be sure to remember which one it is. You will sometimes find that enemy players are camping right where the spawn area is, and will kill anyone who enters. When this happens, there is really nothing to do but kill them, as not doing so will be the same as leaving the portal turned off.

Keep in mind that during this entire battle, you will be fighting against not one, but two different teams, which can make things a bit hectic when all three teams run into each other on the battlefield. You can actually tell where players are at because when scrolling over any of the Conquest Extractors on the map, it will pop up a message to let you know what teams are near it, as well as how many players from that team are there. This helps point out both zergs and solo players. The following is an image illustrating this:


If you are running alone or with a small group, you want to pay special attention to these markers so you know where not to go. It will often save you from running straight in to zergs, and allow you to better plot your path. Keep in mind, however, that the map does not mark players that are in between the extractors, so it does not offer complete protection. With that said, generally speaking the zergs will be rushing from one extractor to another so usually the map is good enough to see their locations.


While in the spawn point, you will see a box that looks like the following:


This is important because Empowered Sources are items that are looted from the battleground (they will be blue items along the ground) and can be used to craft buffs. Basically, the Empowered Source number in this screen is shared with all players, so if one player crafts a buff, it not only affects everyone but also removes sources. This can cause a lot of confusion at first because you may not instantly connect the two together, and start wondering where the sources went. It also makes paying attention necessary if you decide to craft, as some players will get angry if you make the wrong thing.

As for the buffs, they are available from the different crafting profession trainers. Each of these takes 20 Empowered Sources and can be stacked:

Profession Buff Effects Armorsmith Otherworldly Endurance Increases maximum health Otherworldly Plating Decreases damage taken Weaponsmith Baton of Swiftness Increases mounted movement speed Baton of Rage Increases damage dealt Apothecary Balm of Healing Increases healing received Balm of Mounted Swiftness Increases mounted movement speed Outfitter Ethereal Padding Decreases damage taken Shard of Endurance Increases maximum health Runecrafter Shard of Healing Increases healing received Shard of Endurance Increases maximum health Artificer Stone of Rage Increases damage dealt

Each of the above recipes has a skill requirement of 210 and costs 6 gold and 30 silver. Only one person needs to have the recipes per match, and most of the time there will already be more than one. Since the sources are shared between players, it then usually becomes most efficient to just drop them off in the collector and let another player take care of the crafts. This helps keep everything a lot more organized, and they can be crafted faster since a single player can just stand there making things the entire match.

The Winner

Finally, we are to the last part of this new feature: how to win. There are actually two different methods to go about it.

  • There is a number on the right side of the screen (where scores are) that is part of Attrition. This tells how many kills there are left on the match. It calculates all kills, not just those from your team. If this number gets to 0, the team with the most captured points will win. Keep in mind, however, that this requires a total of 5000 kills, which can take a long time. As a result, #2 is a better choice to go for:
  • If a team captures 40% of the extractors, they will start a countdown timer of 10 minutes. Remaining in control of at least 40% of them for the entire 10 minute period (which is pinged as a notice occasionally) will result in a win.


The good thing about having both win methods is that if there is a lot of taking and losing the extractors, the total number of kills will keep increasing. As time goes on one of the methods of winning will eventually occur. Sometimes this can take a few hours, and other times it can be very quick. It all really depends on the teams and population at the time.


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