The first part of Rift 1.8 PTS patch notes are now available. This has both changes to souls, as well as some other things. Read on for more information!


The level requirement for “Nimble” (90%) mounts has been reduced from 40 to 25! The price is now 25 Platinum. This may be quite a bit for newer players, however those with alts or those who play the market (selling things like artifacts) should be able to get that somewhat easily.


When viewing recipes on the auction house, using “usable only” will filter recipes out that you've already learned.

Transplanar Synergy Crystals

The level requirement for Transplanar Synergy Crystals has been reduced to 42, which is the same as the level requirement of the first Transplanar set items.

Debuff Stacking & Priorities

This change is especially useful for those who do raiding. Debuffs will now use a priority system to determine whether or not a debuff is overwritten on the target. There is a somewhat long listing of these so if you're interested in the listing, check out the notes at the end of this article.

Soul Changes

There are many soul changes, the most notable being to the Druid, Justicar and Saboteur (to make Sabo more in-line with the Cabalist and Stormcaller when it comes to AoE DPS). The listing of souls that are slated to go through changes at this point, as per the patch notes are as follows:

  • Cleric: Druid, Justicar, Purifier, Sentinel and Warden
  • Mage: Archon, Chloromancer, Dominator, Elementalist, Necromancer, Stormcaller and Warlock
  • Rogue: Bladedancer, Marksman, Nightblade, Ranger, Riftstalker and Saboteur
  • Warrior: Beastmaster, Champion, Paragon, Riftblade and Void Knight

The differences between these classes are something you'll want to check out on your own, as different builds and play styles will be affected in different ways.

New War front

A new war front has been introduced that is going through testing called Whitefall Steppes: Avalanche. At this point I don't know anything else about it but if anyone wants to submit a bit of information from the testing I'll add it!

This first set of Rift 1.8 PTS patch notes has quite a few things in store. As always, there are both new additions to the game, as well as changes to existing features.


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