Rift 1.7 was released last week, bringing about a lot of great changes. These include changes to PvP and PvE, as well as methods of progression.

While Rift 1.7 did not bring about any new raid instances or dungeons (aside from Master Mode Caduceus Rise), it did bring many other things. One highly anticipated addition was Master Mode Deepstrike Mines, which still hasn't been released, despite being on the PTS since at least before Caduceus Rise was released.

Before we start looking into the changes brought about with Rift 1.7, it is important to note that one of the biggest changes was the introduction of Rift preset builds. Check out our previous article for more information on that.

More Clear Progression

Rift including a more clear progression path has been a huge bonus I feel. Often times we would read in chat questions relating to what dungeons to do or how to get gear once level 50. It became even more confusing with different roads giving different gear. Now, the gear progression is pretty solid:

  • Get to level 50
  • Do level 48+ dungeons until you have 90+ Focus/Hit
  • Do Expert Dungeons until you have 220+ Focus/Hit
  • Do Tier 1 raids (Slivers and 20 mans) and Master Mode dungeons until you have 320+ Focus/Hit
  • Do Tier 2 raids (RoTP and HK) until… well, that is all for now

This clear cut progression line makes it very easy to tell where you should be and when. As an example, by simply looking at the above listing you can compare your character to what is above. If you have got 200 Hit/Focus, for example, you should be hitting up Expert dungeons some more.

Keep in mind that while reading the above, you can also skip some of those things (such as going from a fresh 50 to being Tier 1 raid-ready). This is done by purchasing gear from other players or crafting items. But regardless, it's still pretty clear where you belong (depending on your own progression).

PvP System


The more I have spent time analyzing this, I do not see a true boost in true speed of gaining ranks, although there is a definite increase in perceived speed. At the same time, however, there are a few excellent byproducts of this new system:

  • Two new ranks were added (39 and 40)
  • A new synergy crystal was added for PvP
  • Items now just cost Favor, rather than Marks of Retribution. This makes gearing up that much more clear

War front Balance

War front balance has not been a big issue for a while, though it was a minor annoyance to have a long wait for them to pop. With the new Mercenary system, that has been greatly resolved. At the same time it has also brought about its own problem.

The biggest problem that has arisen from the new Mercenary system is that of being “loyal” to one side or the other. Something that's being seen is players are being forced into the opposite faction's team and then leech or otherwise try to help out their true team. A possible solution to fix this would be to allow players to choose whether or not they want to queue for the opposite faction's war front.

On the positive side of the new system, it cuts down the queue time tremendously for warfronts. It is especially noticeable in the “off periods,” when the overall population is a bit lower. The lack of needing to fill both sides with players from a specific faction makes it a lot smoother.

PvP Souls

PvP souls have been removed and in their place has been introduced a new Planar Attunement system called “Attunement of War.” This has various benefits like increased Valor and Vengeance, as well as some other passive and active skills. It uses the same Planar Attunement points the other planes use, but just like them, everything within it can be learned.


Rift 1.7 brought about the ability to craft from your bank. No longer is there any reason to go sifting through the bank to find the items that you need, just to re-deposit the extras when you are finished. Now, when you go to craft it automatically calculates the materials on your character and in your bank. This system goes in-line with being able to store quest items in your bank and allow them to be withdrawn automatically when the quest is turned in.


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