Rift - Boosting Reputation After Finishing All Quests


In Rift, one of the big accomplishments in the game is to complete the reputation in all of the zones. This is a long process and ends up with a lot of repetition, but it rewards you with special items you can buy from NPCs and achievements. Not to mention you get the satisfaction of knowing you completed all of the reputation bars!

These reputations are split up in to different groups:

  • Zones
  • Rifts (fire, water, etc.)
  • PvP

Pretty much each small area of the game (despite often being large) gets its own set of reputation that you can work towards filling up. For PvP and rift based ones it is pretty simple to figure out: just do the rifts that are related to the faction (rifts include zone events and invasions as well), and for PvP you just run warfronts. Easy enough. But for zones, things get a bit more tricky.

With zones, you will first notice that you get reputation from doing quests. It will be small amounts, but in the beginning this should give you more than enough to completely max out the zones you are going for. As you level up more, though, things start to get more tough. You get to the point where you have done all of the quests in a zone, yet still need more reputation. So how do you go about getting it?

The answer is probably easier than you think. Dungeons! That is right. By doing dungeons, whether normal or expert, you gain reputation for the zone the dungeon is in. By just queuing for the dungeons in the zones you still need, you are good to go and know that as soon as you get in to a group, you are earning reputation. Now, it is worth noting that the normal dungeons are usually a better way to spend your time because they are fast to run and still give a lot of reputation. With that said, expert ones give better rewards if that is what you are going for, so you will need to decide which matters the most: getting reputation as fast as possible or balancing the rewards with the reputation. You can not really go wrong either way though.

There is one area that is different than the rest, which is Moonshade Highlands. Here, you can get your reputation up pretty high with the dungeon, Runic Descent, but at some point you will notice that you can earn more but the dungeon just will not cut it. From here, you need to head in to Hammerknell Fortress. It does not matter if you do this via the raid itself or the single person instance; both of these will still give the reputation you need. You can then finish up your reputation through this.

It is also worth noting that raid dungeons reward reputation for the zone they are in as well, just like the dungeons do. You may have caught on to this by the Hammerknell reference above. So if you happen to be a raider, this will help get you on the fast track to knocking out your reputation without having to keep going out of your way to do dungeons you really do not want to do!

If you really want to be efficient you can work on knocking out all of the reputation while you are leveling up and working on the quests. You can do this simply by staying queued for the dungeons you still need (for the reputation) while you are out and about in the world. Even if you are in the middle of a quest when a dungeon queue pops up, you can jump straight in to it. You can knock out the dungeon, get the reputation from it, and then it will pop you right back out to where you were so that you can continue on with the quest you were working on. It is almost as if you never even left! This is my preferred method of handling it, so that you can quest, grind, farm, etc. while you are in down time from dungeons. I just hate running them back to back with nothing else to do, so I like to keep them spread out across other activities within the game. While it does slow things down in terms of our perception, it really is a better method to go with. Do note, however, that quests give reputation as well, so you may not want to completely fill up your reputation bar with dungeons until you have already finished all of the quests. Otherwise you will have run dungeons for no real benefit (other than experience and drops, but we are assuming here that you are more interested in the reputation than you are either of those). In any case, Rift gives options!


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