Rift - A Look At Conquest Decay


One of the purposes of taking part in Rift's Conquest system (aside from just doing some PvP and taking part in competition) is to earn Conquest points that unlock very minor, but still usable, bonuses and buffs for your characters. A bad part about this is that to get people more interested in taking part in the system on a regular basis, Trion implemented something called “Conquest Decay,” where points are lost when you do not participate. The idea behind this is that if you want to keep your rewards up, you need to stay actively engaged.

I understand why they did this, to a point, because Conquest relies on a very large space and they want to ensure that there are always enough people to make the Conquest system viable. Being that it is something that is going on about half of the time, keeping a nice population in it is pretty much crucial to its success. While small groups could still roam around and compete against one another to see who wins, the whole point behind it is to get raids to clash up against one another; and this requires people.

What I did not like, however, was that the decay was set to start after two days. If you took the weekend off, for example, you would have decay kick in. If you took a break from the game or could not play during the week, you would experience some bad decay. Pretty much unless you were on daily, you were spending as much time, or more, trying to keep your Conquest Points up as you did earning them to begin with.

As of a recent hot fix, Trion has fixed this problem by changing the decay to be every week instead of every two days. This means you have much more freedom, and even if you just play a couple times a week there should not be any problems. More fun, less irritation, and more rewards are always nice!

Really, though, I think that the system should do away with the current point and decay system altogether, and instead set up a new type of leveling. As people take part, they gain experience for the Conquest. This is not lost, but built up over time like the Prestige system. While this would lead to more permanent rewards, I think that the Conquest system would survive because those who spend the time to level up are not going to do it for no reason; they are doing it so that they can compete and have fun. Because of this, I do not believe that it would kill the Conquest population, but instead might even strengthen it! In any case, it is nice to see that Trion went out and made a change to how long it takes for the decay to kick in. Even going from two days to a week is a massive jump up and is beneficial to the more casual players that might otherwise not even take part due to the feeling of having to sit there all day racking up points over and over again each time they play!



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