Riders of Icarus takes a completely different approach than most games when it comes to mounts. Rather than having you purchase them from a shop (of which the costs vary, with some requiring specific levels and a lot of gold), it has players actually train their very own. As you explore the world, you’re able to snag a ton of different mounts, should you want to take the time to do so. So how does this mount training system work?

Learning to Tame

Early on in the game, you’re given a quest with a fairly simple task: to tame a Brakarr Gallant (a unicorn). To do so, it gives a skill, Taming Level 1, as well as a few passive unicorns you can pick from (though they all look alike, so there’s really no difference). From here you get to easily learn exactly how it works. Upon using the Tame skill, you’re put into a special stance that makes it to where you can walk up to any tamable mob and hit the spacebar to jump on it and start taming it. This brings up a special system, where you actively have to participate to make the tame successful. You’ll see a keypad-like setup at the top with icons, as well as two bars below (green for success and red for fail). As you’re taming your beast, you will see it jump around, and see the fail bar fill up occasionally. When one of the icons above it lights up, hit the appropriate key and you will get it under control a bit and fill up more of the success bar. It’s a fairly simple setup – just watch and hit the keys as necessary and you’re doing all you can. Assuming you fill up the success bar before it fails, you have now tamed the beast as a mount and can use it. If you failed, you can try again until you succeed (note that some require multiple tries – it appears there’s a decent amount of RNG involved) so if you fail, give it another go.

Finding Your Targets

As you wander around the world, you’re likely going to find a lot of mobs you wish you could ride. And the cool thing is that for a lot of them, you CAN. When you use the Tame skill, any tamable mobs will have a yellow, upside down triangle above their heads. If you see this above any of them you want, that means it can be tamed as a mount. Do note, however, that some do have taming conditions you might need to meet prior (for example, for the first ones, the Brakarr Gallants, they require 4 Taming Points). It’s also worth noting that you want to be careful about where you’re taming at. Aggressive mobs will attack you even if you’re taming something near them, and this can be problematic. As a direct example, when going after the kangaroos, half way through the taming a few aggressive mobs spawned near me and the kangaroo pushed me into them. Clear aggressive mobs beforehand and try to stay safe. And note that you can tame creatures even if they’re already attacking you. So if you fail to tame one and want to give it another go, just hit the Tame skill again and give it another go. A few took 5+ tries to finally get tamed. But watch your health so you don’t die in the process.

Choosing Your Mounts

As you explore and tame more and more beasts, you will want to be able to access them. Through the Familiars menu, you can quickly see each of your mounts and all of their relevant information (such as type, level, and more), as well as summon the one you want. So even if you have multiple of them that you’ve tamed, you can swap between them as needed, and the best part is that mounting and dismounting are both instant! If you run out of room for new mounts and want a new one you just found, you can also use the Familiars menu to release any you don’t want anymore. You can essentially keep rotating these as needed in order to keep an open slot or two for the next great thing you find.

Having Fun With It

The mount system is awesome. As you explore, you’ll find both wild animals you like, as well as the ones other players are mounted on. If you see something cool that another player has, just ask where it came from and they are likely to point you in the right direction. Head there yourself and now you can tame your very own! It’s a great system that allows you to be in control over what mounts you have available, and offers them for free, rather than having to keep throwing down gold or other currencies to obtain them. And once you get the taming process down, it becomes a bit of fun finally being able to tackle your next mount on your own!


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