Getting around in Riders of Icarus is an easy feat when compared to a lot of other games. While using external databases and maps is usually a common practice until you’ve learned all the spots in a game, with this one, it’s not needed at all. Through the great mapping system to easy teleporting from one location to another, getting around in the world is a breeze – once you know what to look for.

No Guards Needed!

When in camps, finding the NPC you need is pretty easy. But how do you know what camps to look for? A great aspect of the map is that when you mouse over one of the camps, it not only tells you the name (so you know how to refer to it later when talking to other players or just travelling), but also what NPCs you are going to find within it. For example: In the above image, we’re looking at Ruins Camp, and it tells us that there’s a Mender and Transit Shrine. In other words, if you’re looking for new weapons, armor, or tradeskill NPCs, you simply are not going to find them there. The game comes with tons of different listings, as well, such as: • Mission Board • Auction • General Goods • Transit Shrine • Mender • Storage • Mailbox • Crafting • Weapons • Armor Note that each camp comes with different ones, so when you’re on a map, just mouse over each one to find out exactly what you’re going to find there. Easy!

Expanding the Search into New Maps

Another great part about the listing of services you’ll find is that they do not only cover the current map you’re on. Instead, they cover absolutely everything – even places you haven’t ever been to or that are too high of a level. If you’re looking for something in particular and haven’t seen one yet, this makes it quick and easy to see just where you need to go in order to find it (such as the bank or auction house). Do note, however, that you have to go to these manually, assuming you haven’t already been there once before.

Getting Around – Shrines

Despite having tons of different mounts you can train as your own, getting around while mounted just isn’t too efficient. The further you’re trying to go, the more of a benefit you have in just teleporting to your desired location. This is all done through Transit Shrines. Transit Shrines are shown on the map, as well as listed as one of the services for any camps that have them. When you visit a new area that has one of these, you will automatically unlock it for use. From that point on, you can use it to teleport instantly to any other unlocked shrine, both on and off the map you’re currently on. The price is fairly cheap, as well, making it a great way to get around when needed. If you’re hunting in a specific area and want to be able to easily recall to it without having to keep teleporting back, you can also bind yourself through it using “Set Recall Location.” This lets you use a skill to return there anytime you want. And since the recall locations can be set as many times as you wish, it’s perfectly fine to keep setting it as you traverse through the world and levels.

Crossing Maps – the Fault

The one fault Riders of Icarus has is when it comes to going from one map to another, or rather trying to figure out how to do so. A lot of games lately use more seamless ways to cross (such as showing arrows or dotted lines that show where two zones cross into one another), but with this one it doesn’t. As a result, it’s something you will get used to while playing. As long as you follow the story line and quests you should be able to get along just fine, however, this is an area that could really use some refining.

Efficiency at its Best

The travel system within Riders of Icarus is great. It’s fairly easy to navigate, you can quickly and easily see where things are located in case you need a specific service, and teleporting is pretty cheap. It makes movement that much easier, and opens the doors to a more enjoyable experience when you need to go from one area to another frequently. Whether you’re looking to jump from one side of a map to the other side of it or go from one map to another, the Shrines are frequent enough that you don’t have to worry about a huge run (once you’ve unlocked the ones you want to go between). And having them unlock instantly after you run to an area with one is also a huge benefit, in that you aren’t forced to remember to keep clicking them or otherwise end up missing one and having to run back just to get it. Furthermore, the map makes it easy to see where each Shrine is located, so if you want to do a quick pass just to grab all of the portals, that’s also possible!


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