Rice Dealers and Their Impact on the Nattari Economy

an informative paper on the Nattari economy

1 - A Brief Introduction to Rice Dealers

Rice dealers in Nattari can be found almost everywhere, from city streets to suburban schoolyards. Though a dangerous and risky profession, it is very profitable once you rise to the top of rice dealer ranks. Rice dealers are the “foot soldiers,” or henchmen, of the rice lords. Rice lords are the rice dealers who are experienced and have risen to the top of rice dealer ranks through years of service. Rice dealers are the individuals which receive all the rice revenue; the foot soldiers, though low in the rice hierarchy, still receive a hefty salary for their duty.

1.1 - The Rice Hierarchy

The rice dealers have a very complex hierarchy, which makes their actions and social structure hard to understand. At the top, as we mentioned before, are the rice lords, experienced and dangerous, gaining their position through years of service to their rice network. The rice network is the network of rice lords, which are sometimes ordered into meta-networks, such as rice lords in a certain area. The rice lords pay the network to receive more rice to deal out to the public. Right below the rice lords are his most senior advisers, the rice dealers who have served their rice lords loyally for years. Below the rice lords are junior advisers, also known as senior foot soldiers. These people double up as both advisers to their rice lord and foot soldier duties, though they usually command a platoon of about five foot soldiers when abroad. Finally, at the bottom, are the foot soldiers. They are the newest rice dealers, hoping to snag a high salary, and they perform all the “dirty work” for the rice lord's empire, such as stealing from the Nattari government's rice stores and arranging business partnerships with rice manufacturing and processing corporations.

2 - The Impact of Rice Dealers on Nattari Rice Corporations and the Nattari Government

Surprisingly, the rice dealers, not restaurants and shops, are the biggest rice merchants in Nattari. Due to a partnership between the Nattari rice corporations and the rice dealers, the Nattari rice corporations, using connections they have in the government, effectively silences the government to the rice dealer networks, which can be found all over Nattari. The rice dealers generate much profit for the corporations, but it the rice dealers who make the most money. Every third day of the month, a rice representative (an independent rice dealer free from a rice lord's command. Their position on the rice hierarchy is debatable.) from the local meta-network visits one of the regional rice corporations, the one with the lowest prices. The representative arranges a deal with the corporation, and then gives them an address. Due to the fact that the rice dealers always “pay up,” and knowledge of the rice dealers' fearsome reputation, the rice corporations are always happy to send the rice first. Usually, the rice deals with the corporation involve transactions exceeding the value of three gold ingots or fifty carats of uncut diamonds. The Nattari rice dealers impact the corporations and government in Nattari highly, and they grow in influence and power every day.

2.1 - Rice Representatives and Their Role in the Dealing of Rice

Rice representatives are part of the rice network, but they do not submit to any rice lord or network leader. They submit only to themselves. The position of rice representative can only be gained by being recommended by another rice representative, and by getting a score of at least 2400 on the MAXE TAS, the premier test used by Universities planet-wide to determine an applicant's intelligence. Originally developed in the language of “drawkcab,” it has now been translated into over 40 languages. Rice representatives are usually very intelligent, and the undergo a conditioning program after passing the exam, building both physical and mental strength. Their role when visiting corporations is to utilize every loophole in their rice contract, and to intimidate the employees of the company into giving them a discount. Their presence gives the message of “we don't have to pay you, but we are anyway.” The rice dealers, though not part of the official rice hierarchy, still have a prominent role in the dealing of rice, planet-wide.

3 - The Economic Impact of Rice Dealers on the Nattari Capitalistic System

Though the rice dealers started small and disorganized, they have gained in power and influence and now affect the economy of Nattari worldwide. Corporations are gradually losing money as more rice dealer meta-networks pop up in formerly non-rice-dealer communities. Eventually, the rice dealers will be the biggest business in Nattari, relying only on the rice corporations for supply. A rebellion comparable to the rebellion of the districts in the critically acclaimed novel “The Hunger Games” is possible, if the rice dealers immediately stop supply. Though they risk destruction, they will effectively stop the reign of rice dealers in the Nattari economy.

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