Resuming broken or interrupted file downloads

You are downloading a critical file and have gone to almost 99 percent and are warming up to see the contents then all of a sudden there is a network failure and boom the file download fails what do you do? Before you despair here are a few important facts you have to understand about file types and sites that support file downloads.


Every file type has an extension that ends a file name for example .rar,.zip,mp4,mp3,flv etc these are all file types that you need to be aware of. It is a good idea to know what file type you intend to download this is important because your ability to resume a failed file download partly depends on the file type.

===What happens when a file download gets interrupted by a network failure?===

There will usually be two file types in the download destination one which has the complete file name and the other has a file name with the word .part at the end


Please note that the following section may not apply if your download has already failed,if that is the case just look for the two parts of the failed download as shown in the picture above.However,it is important to know what to do to be able to resume a download if it fails.

To resume a download and save your data package what you do is create a second folder and name it rescue folder [Note you can name it anything you want but for purposes of learning this procedure I have chosen to call it rescue] where you will keep copying the part file at intervals for example if the file was say 200MB I would copy the part file from the current download destination to this rescue folder you just created at 50,100,150,195 MB points it may keep asking you whether you would like to overwrite the previous file in this folder just click yes because we want the file to be as close to completion as possible.

Why are we doing this copying and pasting?

The reason is simple we are doing a kind of back up for our download that is currently in progress and the file we are interested in is the one with the extension,blahblah.mp4.part,blahblah.rar.part whatever the case may be. It is this part file we need to resume a download. This way when a file download fails or gets interrupted either because of a network failure or some other cause we can easily do the following:

Clear the two parts of the file A and B above from the download destination folder. Go to the original link that was responsible for the download and click download it will then ask you where you want to download this file click yes to confirm download destination the download will then form two files i.e. one with the file name and the other with the file name and part extension.

Now pause the download and go to the rescue folder I told you about and copy the part file you were saving earlier and overwrite the newly formed part file in the download destination, you should be able to easily identify it because it will have lower Kilobytes just paste and overwrite it, then click resume download and it will start downloading from the point you last backed up.

Advantages of this method

You may be on a tight data plan and just want to save your Data bundle it will help you avoid using up data on a file you had almost finished downloading. In this case you will only need a few more bytes of data to complete the download as opposed to starting afresh.

It is possible for you to split a big download over several days by downloading just what your time or data package allows you to. Important points to remember Not all sites will allow you to resume downloads using this technique some sites may require you to pay a certain fee to be able to automatically resume a failed download, which means you do not need to go through the process outlined above it is handled from the download sites server. It is possible to extract contents of a failed download if you choose to do so, this will only work for files that have .rar,.mp4,.mp3,.flv it will not work for Zip file extensions for example those that have


To extract the contents just rename the file from for example blahblah.rar.part to blahblah.rar a pop up will appear asking you if you are sure you want to do this as well as a warning that the file may become unusable just continue with the renaming after which you use winrar to extract the file contents with the option of keeping broken files. For mp4 downloads from you tube the same procedure will result in a video that will play until the point at which the download failed or got interrupted. I hope this helps you.

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