Restaurant Review of Bravo! Cucina Italiana

Bravo! Cucina Italiana is an Italian restaurant. They have delicious food! Only just recently did I start going here, even though it has been in the neighborhood for many years. I wish that I had known about it sooner.

Before you even walk in the restaurant there are beautiful lights strung outside that instantly make you feel welcome with their warm glow. Once you enter the double doors you are greeted with an elegant, yet comfortable style of décor. There are large columns, palm trees, and beautiful décor in an Italian theme. The ceilings are high to add to the grandeur of the restaurant. The lighting comes from large muted domes that add a soft glow to the room rather than direct light that is obnoxiously in your face. The color pallet is mostly of neutrals.

There are locations all over the United States. They offer a myBravo! rewards program that is free to join. This allows you to receive discounts periodically and the opportunity to accumulate visits to gain more discounts. Typical discounts offered are $10 off of an appetizer and $10 off when you purchase two entrees. They also have happy hour promotional items. Hours vary by location but are generally 3:30-6:30 Monday through Friday.

Bravo has ten different menus! The menus are: dinner, lunch, brunch, dessert, gluten free, bar, wine, catering, children’s, and light. With so many menus you are sure to find something that sparks your interest.

The dinner menu contains many different delicious items. This menu is divided into: primi (appetizers), insalata and zuppa (salads and soups), specialita della casa (house specialties), griglia (grilled specialties), pasta, pizza and flatbreads, and pesce (seafood). My favorite appetizer is the crispy shrimp Napoli. This appetizer has delicious fried plump shrimp that are done to perfection, with green onions and charred tomato Napoli sauce. I would definitely add a insalata rustica for $3.99 to your main entrée. That is my salad recommendation. The lobster bisque soup was subpar. Not worth it. For a main entrée you can’t go wrong with the chicken Milanese (chicken parmesan). It has Romano-crusted chicken breast, mozzarella, pomodoro sauce with herb pasta. So delicious. Another yummy option is pasta Bravo. When you are here you have to try the peach Bellini. It’s divine.

I have not tried everything that I want to yet at Bravo. I’m looking forward to trying crispy mozzarella ravioli, grilled chicken chopped salad, mama’s lasagna Bolognese, pasta woozie, margherita pizza, chicken spinach and bacon flatbread, layered chocolate cake, and bravo’s famous cheesecake.

Overall, I love the restaurant Bravo. It’s delicious and affordable. It offers an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere where you can share a scrumptious meal with family and friends.


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