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Requiem of Love

I don’t know what’s coming down the hill but
It’s coming down fast
Somehow I can’t seem to care about that
Because the future is far from mind

You see my sweet love its only you
That I think about every day
I can’t forget the things I said
To make you go away

It’s not time to wash away all my sins
The time has come again
To be so sad and sorry but maybe in time
I can start my life again

You made me crazy baby in ways
You cannot understand
Maybe we’re just too different or
Maybe I’m just an ass

I’ll never forget the times with you
I was so happy
But I remember also the times
I failed you so dearly

There have been hard times baby
Oh, yes there has
Much of this we brought on ourselves but
I must own the blame

No, it isn’t our fault dear lover It came to this
You didn’t mean to hurt me and
I only hurt in defense

Nothing can take the pain away
I feel deep inside for you
And all the things we’ve been through
And things we’d yet to do

It’s all my fault my lovely
Former lady
It was from the start though you had your part
I washed it down the drain

One day we’ll be friends
I don’t know what that’ll look like but
Hope it never ends

It’s strange to think how so
little time ago
I held you in my arms
I spit fire from my mouth so now
I’ve an enemy in you

I don’t know why I couldn’t keep it together
My love was not enough
My mouth was the nail in the coffin we
Buried our love in

Know that I never meant to hurt you girl
Except that one night
Maybe you’ll never understand why that
I wanted to fight

Maybe you were true to me baby
I’ll never know for sure
But that shouldn’t have matter because I still
Miss you as a friend

Forgive me oh please woman for The things I’ve said and done
Tell me it’s alright and that you know
I was just afraid

Think of me what you will girl Just know that I
Still love and want to be
Your friend till the end of time

You know I’m sorry honey
And know I’ve cried
That night I was so weary
A part of me died
One day maybe
You’ll understand the why
We will see baby
If you will ever try


I never meant for it to end like this but, for better or worse, it did. We have to move on from this now and try to build our own separate lives. I will remember you with fondness. Hopefully you will be able to remember me likewise.

Goodbye dearest love.


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