Do Reptiles Make Good Pets?

In this article we will look and see if reptiles make good pets.

Reptiles As Pets

Do reptiles really make good pets? In this article I will explain, and answer this question. As a child, reptiles and amphibians really fascinated me. Their bright colorings, smooth, and scaly skin, and their strange body shape reminded me of animals from a different planet. I would enjoy catching salamanders and lizards on different camping trips, and would love seeing the turtles in the creek by my house. I knew I just had to have a reptile as a pet. I asked my parents multiple times to have a turtle, and to have a lizard. They eventually came to the conclusion that I could have some as pets but they made sure that I would take care of them and make sure I was giving them a good habitat for them.


Although a lot of reptiles can cost well into the hundreds, there is still a great amount of reptiles that cost under $50. Checking out your local petstore for prices is always thew best way to see if a reptile will be financially okay with you. The reptile you see in the store that only costs $50 could cost you above $200 for the cage, proper lighting, and filtration for your reptile. Reptiles do cost a lot of money.


It is now known that reptiles carry diseases such as salmonella. If I buy a reptile, will I be okay? The answer to this is yes. As long as you are keeping the cage clean and washing your hands before and after you handle the reptile you will be fine. You should not handle your animal that much and should not let small children handle your animal as to prevent salmonella poisoning.


Many reptiles are fine to live with other species, but you should research each reptile before you add it into your cage. Some reptiles are compatible with some, and not with others.

Final Answer

Reptiles make great pets! If you have the money to keep them, and are okay to not be handling them all the time. Just like any wild animal, some were never meant to be in cages. Always do your research before buying a reptile, and other animal.

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