Renew The Temporal Order Of This World

STMA Upholds, Defends Pro-life, Pro-Family Values.

As a special ministry of the CFC, STMA (St. Thomas More & Associates) seeks to renew the temporal order of this world according to Gospel values by helping build the Church of the Poor and promoting total human liberation. STMA has geared up its advocacy function and identified the issues that it will tackle.

Topping the priority list are three major issues closest to every Filipino's heart. These are: (1) issues that uphold pro-life and pro-family values; (2) issues that address the problem of poverty, and the need for livelihood and housing; and (3) issues that concern pornography and the concomitant role played by mass media.

STMA is currently taking strong positions against specific bills in the legislative house that seek to legalize divorce, abortion, same sex marriage, and population control. As part of its advocacy function, STMA intends to raise awareness of these issues among CFC members and the general public. It will circulate position papers, initiate campaigns, be instrumental in the issuance of pastoral letters and circulate development updates.

STMA prides itself in CFC's nationwide network of members - some even holding key government positions or possessing strategic lawmaking capacities. A big chunk of its membership falls within the “poor” category, too. On the mass media and pornography issues, STMA hopes to utilize various already-available resources such as the “In His Steps ” TV program, the Teodora print materials, etc., to launch specific campaigns. STMA believes that in all its advocacy projects, it can tap and rely on CFC's nationwide network of members.

Heading the Advocacy volunteers of STMA is former B.I.R. Commissioner Li Chato.

Inviting People to the Christian Life Program (CLP)

It is not necessary to be able to convince someone right at the outset that the CLP would be beneficial to him/her, nor do we have to already be able to proclaim Jesus to the person we are inviting. In most cases, it will be the CLP itself that will be the effective process of evangelization and renewal. So all we need to do is to be able to invite the person to the CLP.

For those who are reluctant or find all sorts of excuses, we can insist (request) that they just try out the Orientation session, without any commitment for the rest of the CLP. This (just one session of two hours or so) is not burdensome for anyone, and we can more readily convince a person to attend, especially a spouse, friend, loved one, or co-employee.

Once at the CLP Orientation session, there will be many aspects/dynamics working for us that can be used by the Lord to touch the heart of our candidate. This could be any of the following: the warm welcome by strangers, the presence of the men, the leadership of the men, the music, the talk, the sharing, meeting new people, or even just the free snack. If there is even a little bit of interest, they will be back for the next session.

So while it will be difficult to convince many of the value for their lives of CFC or the CLP, it is not difficult to ask someone just to try out one session, without making a commitment.

But for this process to work, the CLP team needs to do its part. Be there early, pray, warmly welcome participants, have lively music, have a good speaker and prepared sharers, do intercession. Make the participants feel welcome, important and loved. If we do our part, the Holy Spirit will take care of the rest.

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