Remember Me(2013)(Poem)

This poem has undergone several stages of being reinvented as I have grown over the years.

Remember that I tried to pass as a poet.
Remember that I was a good daddy.
Remember that at times I was eccentric.
Remember I thought Hemingway a god among mortals.
Remember I always felt VanGogh's passion cut off his ear.
Remember me as a true Byronic romantic.
Remember that I learned to be content.
Remember I thought all women beautiful.
Remember I was fascinated by Dali.
Remember I tried to overcome strife.
Remember me as the quintessentiel dreamer.
Remember my crowning triumph was that I won back my one true love.
Remember that I loved that one until I died.
Remember that I believed in love at first sight.
Remember that I adored all art.
Remember that I had a gift of seeing.
Remember that I was a good cop.
Remember Elvis was my hero.
Remember, good or bad, I did it my way.
Finally, through my feats and faults, remember I honestly tried to be a good man.

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