Reasons To Tell The Truth

Would you lie to other people if you were promised a million dollars and the admiration of your peers?

You possibly will say a hard “no”. You do not give in to temptation; you do not have to give it a thought. Lying is just not part of your characteristic.

Sadly, it is not always that easy for most people. Lying is often made to appear glamorous, as when the deceiver gets the money, the boy or girl, and the acclaim.

Saying the truth is not always simple; that is one of the reasons many lie – it is effortless at that moment than saying the truth. For example, if you catch your best friend taking makeup from a boutique, should you talk to your friend, tell the truth to the store manager, or just be quiet and let it incident pass?

With complicated questions like these, people sometimes require assistance comprehending why it is essential to speak the truth.

For start with, here are 12 justifications you should tell the truth:

Truth is ethical

Lying is unethical. It is that easy. Almost religious system and every culture acknowledge and educate about this moral truth.

Lies will return to torment you

You cannot escape from your lies; you can forget them for a while, but in an hour, a day, a month, or a year, they will return into the open for all people to witness.

For instance, if you fabricate about where you spent your Friday night last week, and then another friend questions you what it was like, you will have to create another fake story up. You will have to lie again.

And someone else will eventually say, “Wait, did they open that street now? I heard it was closed until…” or some other divulging bit of information, and you will have to create another fabrication again.

From that moment on, rather than just telling the truth from your memory, you will have to recall the “story” you fabricated, and the next story you faked to cover the first lie you told. That is a lot of work.

In the meantime, a portion of your brain has to exert a lot of effort to recall your lie, which diminishes from your standard of life, and also places you on the brink and makes you look dubious.

Do my friends know about the life? How much do they know? How did my friends find out about my lies?

Fact is: the people you do not want to know will discover about your lies, and you will have deceived them for nothing. In reality, your penance will certainly be more severe for deceiving other people. As the old saying goes “The truth will come out”.

Lies pulls you down

If you lie about an acquaintance or a friend - maybe you fabricate a story that Dave cheated on the exam, otherwise how could he have received a higher grade - then more heaviness is appended into your brain. Every single time you encounter Dave afterward, your belly will jerk. You won't want to spend time or talk to him. It is like food poisoning that lasts for a very, very long time

You know you fabricated a story about a friend; you feel bad; you ponder what he discovers and whether he will talk to you or not. It is like you become a fugitive, escaping from the lie you told.

Lies hold you back from enhancing as a person

You might simply spend energy, time, and over-think on deceptions instead of focusing on joy, learning, friendship, and having fun. Additionally, each lie makes it simpler to speak the next deceptions and difficult to say the truth. Lying usually becomes a habit.

And to what end? What person enjoys spending time with someone who lies? I know you do not. Friendships are ruined, because if a friend lies about another colleague you both know, why would not that person fabricate a story about you, too, when you are not around?

Truth improves your status

If you are hard working at saying the truth, everyone will notice. People will also have great respect for you, because everyone knows how speaking the truth can be difficult sometimes. In the end, they will go to you for sincere opinions and response to problems because people know you will speak the truth. People will also realize they cannot acquire those truths from a lot of their peers.

Truth will bring sincere friends for you

Friendship is based on caring for each other, the same interests, and honesty, or speaking the truth, among other points. If you speak the truth, your connection with friends will improve, and those alliances will establish deep roots that won't be ripped out by the first conflict that will happen.

You will have better perception about yourself

Truth is a soft, healing sponge that makes your conscience spotless and clean, and you cheerful.

This does not convey that you won't have pain, be filled with fear, be tempted, or oftentimes lose friends - at least the ones who consider themselves your friends – by way of speaking the truth. Even though saying the truth is the right thing to do, you will experience obstacles.

But in the end, you will feel clean and powerful because you have decided to do the correct thing.

Truth makes a better person out of you

If you decide to speak of lies, then you will possibly start to choose other wrong roads in life. One wrong can lead to different kinds of wrongs – disrespect for your body to smoking, drinking, unprotected sex, doing drugs; the urge for new products to stealing, etc.

If, on the other side, you decide to tell the truth, that signifies you are making correct, strong, clean decisions that will guide you into a honest but better and joyful way of living.

After telling the first truth, the next one will be easier

Saying the truth needs practice. Every time you tell the truth, it strengthens you for making the truthful and right thing the next time. Each truth-telling gets easier, until saying the truth comes natural for you.

Your truth encourages others to say the truth

You become a good example. When acquaintances, friends or strangers perceive that you walk taller, have self-confidence, and lots of friends because of being completely honest, they will attempt to follow your behavior.

Additionally, your being honest makes it easier for other people to tell the truth with you, and it is through acknowledging these truths - even like small ones as bad breath that constricts you from being close to other people you would like to - that you can create changes to fulfill a lot of things you dream to complete in life.

You will be unique

People who tell the truth are only a handful and far between.

You have to live with yourself

People sometimes question “Who will know?” regarding telling lies and stealing things. The answer is: you will know. You will have a bad perception about yourself. You won’t have respect for yourself.

Because of human nature, it’s impossible for every person to tell the truth. But if you work hard, and are caring and gentle and kind when speaking the truth, you will have more friends, popularity, and wealth in your personal life that you cannot now perceive.

And that is the truth.

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