Reasons And Remedies Of Acne On Various Body Parts

Acne is something that will happen to eight out of ten people and in most cases it will affect the facial skin only. Many people tend to believe that acne breakouts can happen only on the facial skin and hence they are ignorant about the other regions of the body that suffers acne breakouts. Also, the fact that other parts of the body are normally covered under clothing makes one more ignorant about the acne on these parts.

The reality is that acne breakouts can happen anywhere on the body and the most surprising fact is that these breakouts are actually a manifestation of some other issue that is going on inside or outside the body. Let us take a look into the various regions of the body where acne breakouts are possible post which we will try and understand the underlying causes of breakout in those areas.

  • Top of the head
  • Back side of the body
  • Arms
  • Chest and abdominal areas
  • Buttocks and the crotch area
  • Thighs and the legs

Top Of The Head

The causes behind development of acne breakouts on the top of head are varied. It may be caused due to excessive sweating that causes building up of oil on the scalp thereby blocking the pores and causing acne. It could also be an outcome of irritation from hair care products or possibly not clearing off the hair care product like shampoo, conditioner etc. This could also be caused due to constipation.

The remedial measures that can be taken to avoid pimples on head include steps like using shampoo and conditioner that contain salicylic acid. Also the hair needs to be washed regularly and proper diet to be followed to ensure that bowel movements are proper and there is no constipation.

Back Side Of The Body And The Arms

Acne breakouts would be visible on the back side of the body if the clothes that are being worn are too tight or not taking a shower after an exercise to clean off the sweat. Also, application of body lotions that will clog the pores can lead to acne in the back side of the body. Some other reasons would also include lack of sleep, too much consumption of fried and junk food etc.

Actions that needs to be taken to avoid getting pimples on the back side would comprise of taking a shower after any exercise session and if possible taking a bath with sea salt at least once a week, wear loose clothes so that the skin can breathe properly, Get good quantity of sleep so that the stress levels are under control. Consumption of junk food would be required to be controlled. Acne breakouts at the back side or even the arms may at times look like disorders like folliculitis or dermatitis hence proper diagnosis should be done and accordingly remedial actions should be initiated.

Chest And Abdominal Areas

Like the back side of the body, there are many factors that lead to acne on the chest or the abdominal areas. Some of these factors are similar to the reasons of acne on arms, like tight clothes, eating of junk food or not taking shower after exercise etc. Some other reasons are irritation of the skin due to body soap or the detergent used to clean clothes, poor diet habits, consumption of ice cold drinks every time etc.

The affected areas would get cured of acne only when one would take corrective measures against the potential causes and eradicate the causes right from the root. Applying homemade apple cedar vinegar toner on the chest after a shower will give good results in curing acne. Apart from that milder soaps and laundry detergents to be used so that the skin does not get irritated.

Buttocks And Crotch Area

Acne on the buttocks and crotches happen mainly due to poor hygiene where dirty undergarments are being worn. Another reason is wearing tight undergarments especially during summer time where the acne causing bacteria get enough heat and humidity to multiply them and cause acne on the buttocks.

The only curing action for acne breakouts in the crotches and the buttocks is to keep that area clean. Regular washing of the private parts and the buttocks should be done to avoid any pore clogging. Also, proper sized undergarments need to be worn so that there is enough air circulation in that area. In case there is hair on the buttocks it is always a good habit to avoid sitting for long hours so that the blood circulation is proper in the buttock area.

Thighs And The Legs

Many women and at times even men go for waxing or shaving of hairs on the leg. Due to this, there is tremendous pressure that is applied on the hair follicles. This is one primary reason why the follicles swells internally and causes acne breakout on the legs and the thighs.

To ensure that acne breakouts do not happen on the leg, it is a wise thing to shave in the direction of the hair growth and not against it. This will not put any additional pressure on the hair follicles. Also wearing loose trousers would allow enough air to get circulated which will reduce the chances of the skin breathing problem and in turn will help in avoiding the formation of acne breakouts on the thighs and the leg.

Basis the above general guidelines we would be able to develop the basic idea why acne is getting formed on areas other than the face, and accordingly we can select the next course of action. Some general preventive measures for avoiding acne however are drinking a lot of water, sleeping properly; keeping the skin of the body moistened enough, selecting the right type of body soap and laundry detergent etc. On top of this, if the acne is getting serious and causing pain, it is time you pay a visit to the local dermatologist who will be able to guide you properly with the reasons and the remedy.

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