Realms and Worlds

Three Realms

Today, I just want to down some thoughts I've had about the afterlife. Even though what's written below is my own speculation, and isn't anything concrete, I thought it would still be an interesting thought experiment nevertheless. What I'm going to attempt explaining below is how I think different layers of reality work together. From what I've read three realms known as the astral, ethereal, and physical exist alongside on another1). The astral is where thought forms exist. It's mainly the realm of imagination and consciousness. The Ethereal realm is mostly where energy exists since everything there is made of pure energy. This is also where energy bodies, which sit between the physical and astral bodies, are supposed to exist. It's also my speculation that energy gets produced from friction that happens as astral and physical realms rub up against one another overtime.

Another speculative idea I've had is that, it's very easy to manifest anything within the astral realms since they're where ideas and consciousness reside then come from. Just thinking about something there would, theoretically, be enough to make it appear. This is likely why the material and ethereal realms exist since chaos could manifest if anyone were able to create absolutely anything in an instant without living a life, or series of lives, which make them wiser, more disciplined, and more discerning overtime. Furthermore, within astral realms, nothing would be hidden since every thought would instantly become real. As stated earlier, this is probably why souls incarnate physically since existing as matter, where ideas won't become real immediately, makes organizing ones thoughts easier.

Right now, I'm not completely sure if all three realms overlap one another but do think that a spectrum exists between them. This is because feelings that, listening to music, meditating, doing art, or just being around nature evoke are likely ways that people can make contact with energies, creatures, and thought forms within other planes of reality. In the energetic, or ethereal, realms manifesting a thought would be easier than in the material realm but much more challenging than it is in the astral realms since energy isn't the same thing as pure consciousness. Like stated earlier, the physical material, realm we exist in now is obviously bound by limited resources but, since the ethereal realm is made purely of energy, thoughts could be manifested there faster.


Furthermore, zero point energy2) could, theoretically, be transferred from ethereal realms through certain technologies or possibly even chakras. If energy was able to flow easier through the physical realm due to changes in culture and technology, people within the material realm would be able to manifest thoughts faster but would still be bound by what they could make due to the limits of physical matter. As explained above, being limited is likely why a soul would choose to incarnate into physical reality in the first place since no one can really learn anything well until they've worked within set limits just like musicians, visual artists, chess players, or anyone else who wants to acquire some type of skill has to. Once limits are learned, rules and laws can be bent overtime by repeatedly practicing a given skill-set.

Thoughts and Reality

Overall, what anyone who reads this should take away from it is that positive thoughts and actions are important since they come from astral realms through the ethereal then into the physical. Positivity, in this case, means positive awareness rather than positive ignorance since ignorance is a more powerful weapon than any of the physical one's man has made so far. Positive awareness just means handling negativity as best as possible whenever it comes while not running from it or seeking it out either. This is also why one realm, whether it's energetic, ethereal, or astral, isn't more or less important than another since they all work together.

Soul Roots

Another topic I want to talk about is spiritual roots, groundedness, and separation as it relates to death. This is another speculative theory but, I think it's possible for certain people to be more spiritually rooted, or grounded, throughout their lives than others. It may also be possible for some people to become more grounded during certain times in their lives and much less grounded during others depending on events and circumstances. This is also why I think that people born into difficult times, or places, are able to overcome significant odds since they're somehow more rooted, or consciously grounded, than people who may be born into better positions in life but didn't grow as much as a person. Overall, soul rootedness has nothing to do with genes or class since class is partially a mental construct and the ways genes operate may never be fully understood3). It's also possible that really creative, influential, people, who may not always become very wealthy or famous, are able to tap into energies and though forms which permeate through the realms described above because they’re somehow rooted more deeply within them than other individuals. It's also my belief that just about everyone has the potential to channel these forces and thoughtforms into physicality easier if the society and culture they're raised within helps them develop to their fullest potential.

Separation At Death

The last thing I wanted to discuss is separation as it relates to death and how it could be much more subtle than how current materialists world views portray it as. Many people may think of it as a point of traumatic separation especially since images of dramatic deaths are shown just about everywhere throughout most modern media within developed nations4). On the other hand, since accounts of people who aren't aware they've died also exist, this leads me to believe that the experience of death may, at times, be more subtle than many current scientific and religious world views portray it to be. In my opinion, I think both ways of seeing death suggest a separation between this world and another which, in actuality, could be more subtle since most science says nothing exists in the afterlife while many religions may state that people go to other worlds or return to the same world within different bodies after they've died.

Overall though, the separation, or sense of an ending, is what many people fear whenever they think about death and dying. My theory is that, maybe there isn't a very finite ending during death. Since it could be possible that everyone leaves their bodies, temporarily, when dreaming, and will likely do something similar whenever they're gone, the separation which happens after the body breaks down may actually be more gradual and subtle rather than obviously finite. In the end, I also don't know if I've explained what I mean by a more subtle form of separation at death through these last two paragraphs. A shorter, tl;dr, explanation of the last theory would probably read something like this. Imagine standing on one side of a door then walking through to the other side. On one side you're alive in the flesh and on the other you're physically dead but alive solely in spirit. Maybe death is that simple and maybe it's not but, for now, what's written above is just my guess and hunch. Even though the italicized text may sound too abstract, and not literal enough, for someone who’s mostly scientifically minded since modern science, like a language, is one way to explain then view the world, it’s still possible that more of what’s written above could be explained easier in scientific terms if it’s not always criticized, ignored, then debunked.

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