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  • Ikstarr, Libertie lecture series 2- the prodigal son: 65 That's an interpretation of The Prodigal Son I hadn't heard before. When you refer to a lengthy passage of Scripture, you should link to the passage on a site like BibleGateway.com or make a separate (non-invoiced) page on the devtome with the passage copied.
  • Jdlrexy, Devcoin bounty engine: 75 This is a fabulous idea, and I hope it becomes a reality. To help it along, you really need to proofread your article. I would also recommend having a good editor look it over. There are many grammar mistakes which are distracting and detract from the amazing idea this is.
  • Jimfoxy, Christian pacifism: 95 A very well written and thorough article. It was a great read. I saw some minor grammar errors, so when you get a chance go back and copy-edit it.

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