Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Diamondcardz, Html: 90 Very informative article, written so that a noncoder can understand. Could include a bit more details and explanations to go even more basic depending on who intended audience is.
  • Heliumbm, Journal of a software developer: 60 Article contains frequent grammatical errors, so needs to be proofread. Would be better presented if all the journal entries were compiled into a story with some highlighted quotes. To get the story I would have to sift through a lot of details that could be left out.
  • Hemingway, Environmental problems and the international system: 60 Needs to be proofread for grammatical errors. Topic is way too broad for such a short essay. Would make sense to break topic down into subtopics which each have their own article.
  • Metazilla, Development of selective snmt inhibitors: 90 Very well written technical piece. Sounds like a great project.
  • Nik1ab, Gta 5 review: 65 interesting review. Needs to be proofread for grammatical errors.
  • Prdkojistic, Radio receivers: 85 Fairly well written technical piece. Recommend adding some nontechnical details as well as some visual diagrams. This would make it easier for people who know nothing about radios to better understand the article. For example, what are the differences in sound quality with the different types of mixing–what would I experience when using these different types of radios.

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