Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Eammy, minimal games: 85 An informative article but no images. Images would enhance article quality greatly.
  • Ecafe, Growing sunflowers can be fun: 85 Once again an informative article but no images. Pictures of sunflowers and sunflower seeds would be nice.
  • Fuzzybear, Archaeology: 50 The article is just links. It says content will be added soon but the article was last modified in July of 2013.
  • Moxy_jane, Those halcyon days: 80 An article about an experience smoking the cannabis plant. I myself am against having this kind of material on Devtome but there are not many grammatical errors so my rating is 80.
  • Nik1ab, Gta 5 review: 87 A clear summary of the game but with no images to add to its presentation.
  • Squeak1972, Electronic cigarettes under fire: 85 A short article without images, to improve go more in depth about the actual device and its history.

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