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  • Dalamar96, The young mage: 95 - A summary page for a series. The short blurb piqued my curiosity, so I proceeded to the The Young Mage - The Arrival and it was very interesting.
  • Icoin, Devcoin android: 85 - An informative article, but not very well formatted. A few images would help too, as rooting is an advanced android topic.
  • Iluveunc, Angry birds go: 99 - Nicely formatted with multiple headings, and also an image of the game's icon. This is a very well-written article as well.
  • Infoporter, Mincoin: 75 - This is a short article, without very much substance. There is no image of the Mincoin logo or any links to pools, block explorers, and exchanges, which would increase the rating of this page drastically.
  • Mrc, How to upgrade your led dynamo flashlight: 95 - This instructional article is details steps nicely, but some images are formatted peculiarly, which results in lines being as tall as the image. This could easily be fixed with an extra press of the return key. Also, the concepts may be a bit foreign to some so some clarification on the exact functions of parts would help.
  • Odolvlobo, The problem of global variables: 99 - A clearly written article which discusses the problems with global variables. Nicely formatted with headings, too.
  • Osoverflow, Brokers: 65 - This article is literally a sentence, two headings, and a list of links. An explanation of each service and screenshots or logos would increase the quality of this article immensely.
  • Psalm, Witnessing: 85 - I do not understand the context of this article. What is this about? It makes some sense. Headers would be good too, to increase organization.
  • Raptorak, Lets play gw2 episode 3: 99 - Lots of screenshots which are appropriately sized, and the article is written in a jovial tone which makes it enjoyable to read.

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