Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Cryptaur, Job openings: (72) Not a bad article, formatting and citing sources that were linked in the article would help.
  • Emfox, Open source and licenses: (80) Lacks images, proper formatting but overall was a good article, thorough citations are of particular note.
  • Grc, Javascript: (70) Article is overly brief, lacks images but has some good formatting.
  • Moxy_jane, Community: (48) Several grammatical errors, and in need of better formatting.
  • Profitofthegods, Bitshares x: (80) Few grammatical errors, good article though.
  • Wardsmith, Chaos in the media: (73) Grammatical errors, could use better formatting and of course images. Anything about the media can drastically benefit from appropriate and relevant images.

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