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  • Antdix, How to avoid parking hassle: (50) Good Formatting and grammar, subject matter was skeptical at best. Trades one issue for another major issue.
  • Caramelsunshine, Rumble in the sky: (30) Read very much like 'word salad' other articles largely looked the same. Could use better editing, formatting and a stronger reason for not spelling words properly.
  • Fheenix, Drop shipping: (92) Easy to read article, useful information and good references.
  • Jdean1, The city of phoenix: (35) Could definitely use more in-depth information, it's fairly sparse. It would benefit from references and pictures.
  • Jessiewaterfield, Critical review on oklahoma: (30) Hard to digest information, would benefit from proper formatting and could definitely use less citations in the midst. It looks like padding and interrupts the flow of the article.
  • Jimfoxy, Death is like a wolf at the door: (30) Difficult to follow and tell it's a real story instead of fiction. Image isn't properly coded to appear on the page. Pacing goes back and forth and skips around making it difficult to read.
  • Maximilian_wilhelm, Another galaxy phone accident: (60) Interesting article, would benefit from pictures of the phones in question (seeing as one is from reddit) but lacks citations and doesn't back up the story very well.
  • Rich2014, Dickie august baseball player chapter 5 - what does she know: (30) While fiction is subjective to the reader, the double-spacing made this incredibly hard to read. There were also minor grammatical errors and it would greatly improve by moving to a more standardized novel format with proper paragraphs and separation.
  • Theuntitled, Photoshop touch vs. pixlr express: (60) Intriguing article, though for a review on image editors there were no images present. Showcasing the various pros and cons in an easier to read manner (whether tables or images) would have helped greatly too.

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