Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Alexandriafini, Baby its cold outside: 60 This was an entertaining and interesting read, but there were several syntax and grammar errors. The article had no images.
  • Balthozar, Pavlov, i.: 60 This was a well written article that would have scored higher if it had any references or links. It also feels incomplete. This is such a deep, expansive subject that much more could have been explored.
  • Diamondcardz, Ad: 60 This was an informative, easy to read article, but there are no links, references, or images.
  • Fheenix, Sustainable energy: 99 This is one of the most well written and formatted articles I have rated. It showed excellent information, proper use of images and references, and was easy to follow. Excellent work.
  • Foreroz, What is bitcoin: 60 This article had very good information and was easy to read. However, there are no links, no references, no images, and no sub-headings. Adding these elements would greatly improve the article rating.
  • Gordonpt8, Team fortress 2 - spychecking: 70 Good information provided, but there are no links, references, or images. In addition, the article jumps right into a subject that the general reader may no be familiar with. Having more of a background informaition introduction would improve this article.
  • Jimfoxy, Christian pacifism: 90 This was a well-written article that was an excellent example of the use of wiki syntax and formatting. The only thing that would improve this article would be maybe a least an image of the original book reviewed.
  • Kimlle, Toad-toad: 30 This is not much of an article at all. The author made good use of formatting. There are no links, references, images, and the article has no real substance. With it being so short, at least make sure the grammar is appropriate. This article could have been so much more if the author would have delved into the history of the song and how it impacted the homeless during this time period. As it stands, it is just a copy and paste of someone else's song.
  • Marticps, Creative commons: 95 This was a nicely laid out article that included great information. This was an excellent example of wiki formatting.
  • Moviemaven, Censorship in post wwii hollywood: 80 This article was well-referenced and easy to follow. The categories are not linked and there are no images. Links to outside sources/pages would have enhanced the article.
  • Sifuphil, Simplified living: 90 This was a pleasure to read and easy to follow. It kept my attention throughout the article. There were no images and a few minor grammar mistakes. Overall a great article.
  • User932326, Greys a brief physiological overview: 60 I am assuming that since the article is categorized under “astronomy” and “space”, that the author wants this taken as non-fiction. In that case, there needs to be references and links to support the author's suggestions and beliefs. There were several grammar and spelling mistakes. The use of images was good, but making all the images similar in size would have been easier on the eyes. This was an interesting and well thought out argument on the origins of an alien race based on photographic evidence.

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