• Caramelsunshine, Si - nothing but a thing:50 The content was great, as well as the grammar, but the lack of capitilation really affect the readability of this piece. With there being no category on the piece, it makes it difficult to score it a poetry or prose, which would definitely affect the rating. I found it to be a unique and interesting read, but the piece lacks several elements of formatting, capitalization, and images.
  • Dhouses, Securities investing:80 This was extremely well written and the score would have been much higher if there were references used in the work other than just two generic links at the bottom of the article. The article was informative, useful, and an ease to read. It appears the author left part of a template page in his work: “I always need to include additional links to further information”. There were no images, but the subject matter worked without them. Excellent use of the wiki formatting.
  • Funkyphantom, Flu:55 This failed to keep and grab my attention. I think that it was a bit short and not descriptive enough for an article that was viewing a life event from a spiritual view point. The author used “ha ha” and text to form a “smiley” face which has no place in formal or professional writing. The author did a great job with utilizing the wiki formatting. There were no images, links,categories or references. When including the titles of works in your writing, proper formatting should be utilized such as italics, underlining, etc.
  • Hellscabane, Blessed snow:95 This was a well written and interesting work of poetry. There were no spelling or grammar issues and the proper formatting was used for listing poetry. There were no images, but for poets, the words are the imagery.
  • Hemingway, Stare decisis:55 This article could have received a much higher rating, as it is a well written and informative piece of non-fiction, but it has no links and no reference whatsoever to support the research of the topic. I think the article would of also benefited with using the wiki formatting to include sub-topics. There are no images or categories.
  • Melodiemuse, Neutiquam erro chapter 6:93 This was a well written piece of fiction that blended the elements of poetry and prose in a very interesting and unique manner. There were one or two spelling and grammar issues, but the author included links and a image which I counted as a bonus due to the piece being fiction.
  • Mistercoin, Phone companies:35 This read more like a letter to the editor than an actual article. There were some grammar problems and no images. The content failed to keep my attention and I did not find the information presented in a manner that would be helpful or useful. The categorization was wrong.
  • Sceeth0, Axle chronicles episode1:90 This was a well written fiction story that was interesting and entertaining. There were no pictures, but that is not as important in my opinion when dealing with fiction. There were no spelling or grammar issues and the formatting could have been better.
  • Shinybitcoins, Random wisdom tidbits:40 This article is just a list of “wisdom”. There are no pictures, links, or references. This piece looks like someone just attempting to file a word count. There are no sub-categories and the hyphen/bullet points should use the wiki formatting.
  • Teknomen, 8. pest control:80 The title is off putting, because you just have a number and a word with no explanation that this is overview of using the category of pest control as niche market website. The use of formatting and links were done well. There were no pictures used.
  • Twagholio, Edible seeds:94 This was an interesting article cataloging the various edible seeds. There were no spelling mistakes and only one or two grammar mistakes. The article made excellent use of links and formatting, as well as including an appropriate picture.
  • Wildelf, Biometrics:70 This could have been an excellent rated article, if there had been even one reference or link to support the information. The content was well written and informative. There were no pictures, but the subject matter is not conducive to images. Excellent use of the wiki formatting.

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