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  • Darebruges, Selecting fish: 55 - Good use of images, not a lot of text, no references.
  • Dglenn, Seeking sage: 55 - Way too long at 174,123 words on this page. Didn't read, only looked at random parts - an impossible task to read and rate. I would suggest breaking your book down into one webpage that lists all your linked chapters, and also listing each linked chapter on each page. Is this original or from a previous published copyrighted work? There is no explanation of the source. Wikis are not designed for 174,000 words per page. It's unreadable for an interested party, how do they find where they left off, not to mention the page scrolling issues.
  • Hellscabane, Black sleet: 75 - Good poem.
  • Thinki, How to find the author: 85 - I actually rated 'Which Digital Currency Should You Invest in for the Long Term'. I did this as I wouldn't give a very good score to 'How to find the author' and would recommend considering addiding this tiny blurb to the bottom of each page - as a stand alone page it just doesn't do anything. I was impressed with the caliber of writing on 'Which Digital Currency Should You Invest in for the Long Term'.
  • Tosku, Clicker: 40 - I don't understand the importance or reason for this one paragraph page, especially as it links to a longer article on the same subject. Why not just include it in the main article?
  • User932326, Hyip-ponzi-schemers: 65 - Lots of headers but paragraphs are short. Good information but could be fleshed out more, and also links and references would assist the page's rating score.

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