Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Altos, Making a blended family work part four: 80 - Good information. Images and references would make the presentation stronger. Also lots of 2-3 sentance paragraphs.
  • Boelens, Book review the fault in our stars: 50 - No page formatting, no images, no reviews. Opinion article. Writing style could be stronger.
  • Caprigon, Financial tyranny in the bible: 55 - Rambling, especially at the beginning and end. Writing style alternated between information, opinion, and conversational style. References to youtube videos with little or no explanation of their significance to the article. No references. No images. Grammar.
  • Masscash, Buffalo pizza at its best: 68 - No images or references. Only 372 pages on that page. Writer should consider placing all his food articles, which appear to be about the same length, on one page.
  • Mosinnagant, Rika's story (project legacy): 40 - I rated this low as it alternated between fiction, conversational type of writing, and what seemed like excuses and should not have been included in the page, or the page edited stronger to begin with - i.e. “Okay right here I wrote some stupid shit background info about Rika’s parents lives but then I realized that it was really fucking dumb, so I stopped and decided to keep it as short as possible because it probably didn’t matter. I have literally rewritten this part like 5 times.” and “The draft below is a really bad bio. The real bio begins on page 2. Skip what is below. Seriously. It was a rough outline I had at first. But then I decided that it wasn’t good. However, feel free to speak up if you think there are any good ideas below. Just read it last or something.”
  • Overture, Should i go all in on bitcoin-an easy litmus test: 60 - Short article, writing style is not in paragraphs. References could have been used at places but not provided. No images or references.
  • Python, Trip reports: 20 - Page needs stronger formatting. No references or images. Opinion article. Questionable content for devtome.
  • Samkary, The meadow song: 52 - Needs some type of introduction to the topic and content. Image at the top of the page is not formatted correctly so is not displaying. As the topic changes, consider using subtitles and adding more content. No references, no working images.
  • Sharkness, Boy to man: 80 - Good writing style, humor. Could do with an image or two.

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