Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Gorgorom, My opinion edition two: 56 (35 for content. Much is speculative and generalized, but contains some useful content. 21 for presentation: minor grammatical and spelling errors, includes links, but are poorly formatted, no category.)
  • Ibrennan, League of legends: 80 (50 for content. Not a compelling topic to me personally, but very informative and nicely developed. 30 for presentation. No category and no images.)
  • Imatt1990, Why do we ask for advice: 60 (Content 35: Not sure if this is about giving advice or talking to oneself. Presentation 25: Good grammar and spelling, although sometimes in first or second person. No headers and no content breaks. No links, no images.)
  • Jessiewaterfield, The ways in which hair was groundbreaking: 76 (Content: Original content and commentary. Presentation 26: Missing some definite articles, minor spelling errors, effective us of quotations/easy to understand. Category is present, but is not an active link. No images.)
  • Koguma, Creating a merged yum repository: 85 (Content: 50, very informative. Presentation: 35. Very nicely organized, good use of headings, nice use of examples and good use of links, but no category. Image size could be reduced.)
  • Marticps, Copyleft: 90 (Content: 50, very interesting to me personally and important for Devtome purposes. Presentation: 40, easily navigated page, no spelling errors, nice use of headings. One dead link and the category is non-existent. Images are appropriate and well-placed. Good job!)
  • Melodiemuse, Melodie m: 95 (Content: 50, interesting biographical piece. Presentation: 45, concise, no spelling errors, logically developed, image is appropriate for the content.)
  • Tosku, Agile software development: 78 (Content: 50, unique and informative. Presentation: 28, no category, no image use, one spelling error and a minor grammatical error. Excellent use of headings, however!)
  • Weisoq, Standing: 88 (Content: 50, good overview and presentation of material. Presentation: 38, grammar, spelling and readability are well managed. Headings would be helpful as would the use of footnotes for some of the legal materials referenced. Image is appropriate.)
  • Wiser, Contemplating the passion and preaching the gospel: 85 (Content: 50, though not all is original, it is acknowledged. Presentation: 35, no image, no spelling errors, grammar and formatting are fine. No category.)

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