Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Ceebizcut, Healthy oden or durant: 85 (Well written, good paragraph length, VERY good formatting. Lacks pictures)
  • Cryptaur, Superfoods: 87 (Nice article. I like the use of pictures. Paragraphs are short, but that fits the article. Very neat.)
  • Cryptopi, Quran notes: 75 (As the title says. They are notes. Formatting is good. It's all very clear and easy to read.)
  • Wiser, To mine or not to mine: 73 (Good article overall. Content is fine. Fun to integrate a conversation. Little on the short site.)
  • Wolfmedia, Hawaii's big island: 70 (Decent article. Almost all paragraphs are 1 sentence, some could be a bit longer. Somewhat short as well)
  • Xeriandros, Lake compounce: 84 (Very good article. Good use of picture. Formatting is good. Some of the information is on the short site (anything except the attractions really))

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