Writer, Article: 0-99

  • Bmlzootown, Wuthering heights a poetic summary: 84 (A poetic summary, as Bmlzootown calls it. Enjoyed it a lot. Easy to read and good story. Wasn't familiar at all with this type of work, rather interested in it now!)
  • Caramelsunshine, Si - nothing but a thing: 50 (No capital letters! Makes it very tough to read. Also no categorization and no images. Content and good grammar makes up for it a bit, but lacks too much for it too reach a better grade)
  • Ibrennan, League of legends: 79 (Good content, well written and easy to read. Good grammar. No pictures and no categorization caused some deduction of points, other than that, good article.)
  • Infoporter, Novacoin: 84 (Good formatting, good content and good grammar. Did pretty much everything good. Lacks images and category]]
  • Kickaha4, Road trip: 83 (Nice content, excellent grammar and spelling. Was a pleasure to read!)
  • Mrc, How to upgrade your led dynamo flashlight: 84 (Let's start by saying the formatting is very well done. Everything is clear and the pictures are placed at the correct place. Content is a bit curt at times but not bad.)
  • Odolvlobo, Vision 45: 76 (Well written, rather small though, not much else too say about it. Well above average)
  • Shakezula, Linux paper research analysis: 78 (Article analysis, well written and good answers analysis. Formatting could be better (make the questions bold/italics to make it clear what are questions, what are answers, etc.) No images. Other than that, well done.)
  • Smeagol, Sat (assessment): 80 (Short, but straight to the point. Great use of images in this article. The table gives a good overview about the SAT test. Only point of improvement might be a larger explanation on the scores, what is considered a 'good' score etc.)
  • Tom, Macbeth opening analysis: 84 (Very interesting topic. Well thought out and well written. Lack of images is a shame, would go good in this article. Also no category. Very good article besides that.)
  • Tosku, Agile software development: 83 (Good formatting, which was essential in this article. Well written sentences makes it all a pleasure to read. Good article. Lacks category)
  • Wolf, Rijndael: 80 (Excellent formatting. The content is good, but can be a bit beginner unfriendly at times. Other than that, well done article)

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