Technology was the worse thing to ever happen to our world. Why? Because its build to fail and mother nature wasn't meant to break these types of materials down, it takes thousands maybe even millions of years for our earth to take its course on human made products.

I have just recently started to work for this computer and electronic recycler, they have people bringing them their laptops, desktops, LCDs , CRTs, Cable, power cords, basically if it takes a battery or plugs into a wall, they have it. It just dawned on me today, February 9, 2012, that I love my job. I knew I loved the job to begin with, but I didn't know why. That's what dawned on me today, I love this job because I despise the world technology has created for the future generations to come. I dont like what it does to our earth. It makes us as individuals, for a lack of better words, in-capable. What R2Stewarsahip is trying to do, is on another level of things. They are trying to spread the word about recycling everything, starting with the worst of it all, electronics. They are one hundred percent translucent with anyone, businesses and residence alike. What this means is they aren't going to hide or 'disclose' information that's rightfully your to know if you so please.

I haven't fully introduced myself, I'm Anthony Renteria-Vigil with R2Stewardship. My father, Henry Renteria-Vigil is the owner of R2Stewardship, and this is our story of how we are changing the world.

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