QtE 24, Final Showdown

This section marks the end of any fighting and the re-killing of all major characters.

Part 1: Kill and Be Killed

Organized chaos ruled the battlefield.

Despite there being a huge number of combatants on each side, the fighters somehow all managed to split off into dueling pairs; the Creator and Ieovus squared off in the center of the revolving skirmish, trading blow for massive blow as fighters revolved around, almost like the eye of a growing storm. Kiera, having frozen a cursing Steve's feet to the floor, sent a volley of razor-sharp hail against a cackling Dopple who grew Shin's head and breathed fire to turn them into harmless raindrops. James squared off against Summit, seeming a warrior out of an old legend going up against a mighty giant. The Spambot sloshed after a blue-clad Victor, who ran away from the bile-covered meaty goop with the speed of ten men. The Walrus and Cuervo spouted gibberish at one another, each trying to confuse his opponent with total nonsense and take advantage of an opening. Valhallen and Darren still squared off, dirk and wit versus axe and rock in a ferocious back-and-forth battle of pure manliness. Morph shifted form into an eagle and flew away from William as the preacher threw explosive bibles and chanted battle mantras, shouting at him to repent and that Doomsay was upon him. As for the last two fighters, well they just stood there without making a single motion or sound.

The Black Hat and Bad Luck, by some freak of chance, faced each other once again. In spite of the chaos raging around them, they again stood in another Mexican standoff, each fighter eager to finish their interrupted duel from before. There were no words this time; The Black Hat simply leveled all his weapons and let loose a furious hail of bullets peppered with cannon balls.

As he unleashed the ferocious salvo of bullets at Bad Luck, the crafty fighter raised his mirrored shield which, rather unsurprisingly, shattered into a million pieces. The bullets went through the space once occupied by the mirror, vanishing from sight and leaving Lady Luck's champion unharmed. Quizzically, The Black Hat scratched his head…which was then blown off by the same bullets the hellish cowboy had fired. With its brain gone, his demonic half was suddenly unable to act and banished back to the Hell from whence it came, leaving the cowboy's broken body lying on the floor once again.

Having little time to relish in his success, Bartholomew suddenly found himself unable to breathe. The Spambot, having seen everything, disengaged itself from Victor and covered Bad Luck with its new disgusting body. Victor launched powerful lightning bolts at the messy goop as Bad Luck's 13 small black kittens attempted to claw the mess, but to no avail; neither attack had a noticeable effect. Bad Luck quickly succumbed to suffocation, unable to breathe in the partially-digested goop that the Spambot had become.

Kiera heard Victor's angry yells and, pausing to freeze the hideous Dopple's many legs to the ground, rushed to his aid. “Help me freeze him!” she yelled, turning some of the gastric juice which comprised the Spambot into a thin film of ice. Victor concentrated and fired an icy beam from his gloves, speeding up the process as the Spambot gradually moved slower and slower. It was shortly covered in ice and, being unable to balance, toppled over and smashed into the ground. The many chunks it broke into lay still on the now-bloodstained floor.

Wiping his forehead, Victor laughed with relief. “Well, that wasn't so hard…” he muttered. Then an ice lance suddenly shot out of his chest, covered in blood. “OH SHI-” he exclaimed just before Summit stabbed a second spear through his throat, cutting off his curse. The Blue Bomber's cry turned into a gurgle as he collapsed to the floor of the Waiting Room.

Kiera drew her sword, sizing up the icy behemoth as she quickly stepped backward and bumped into someone. Turning around, she saw Shin's glowing red eyes staring at her intently. “My hand goes into you!” he roared, grabbing her by the neck and smashing his fist straight through her armor, into her unprotected gut. The hydromancer screamed in pure agony. Shin's new fire powers had a devastating added effect; he could exert extreme heat with little effort, causing Kiera's now-water blood to flash boil. She died almost instantly, cooked from the inside by the apocalyptic warrior's inadvertently brilliant strategy.

A loud cry of, “TALLY HOOOOOOOO!” caused Shin to turn around. He witnessed a sight that few people in the history of existence could ever dream of seeing; a walrus clad in fine evening wear dropping from the sky and slicing a mutated frost giant into 3 pieces with a pair of adamantium-covered tusks. The shock was so much that Shin had to rub his eyes, not believing what he had just seen. Of course, he missed James flying by on his enchanted spear and running a sword through his gut. As Shin died, his flaming blood spilled forth, melting Summit's icy core and the Spambot's frozen chunks. The nasty spam burst into flame, filling the surrounding area with an acrid smoke.

Walrus coughed into a handkerchief with a dignified air, neatly folding it and putting it into his front jacket pocket. Cleaning his monocle with a special piece of fabric designed specially for cleaning monocles (and cost more than some countries' annual budgets), he noticed a figure striding through the smoke, one with horrifically long legs that kept on changing size and shape…

“Oh. What rotten luck,” he mused as he realized Shin's blood must have melted Dopple's frozen chains. A greatsword twice the height of a man sliced the oversized gentleman – evening suit, thick blubber, and all – clean in half, adding to the carnage on the Waiting Room floor. James, howling at the death of another ally, threw a white-tipped throwing spear at the shapeshifter. Right at the last second, Dopple grew a pair of eyes on the back of his head, grabbed the spear, and rammed it into James' gut. He was instantly vaporized without even having the chance to scream, smitten both by mortal-forged steel and god-forged wrath.

Dopple laughed, a rough grating sound against the clash of steel surrounding him. And then there was another sound…like someone getting one last guitar string in tune…

Valhallen's sonic shockwave flattened the monstrosity as the played all 4 guitar necks at the same time, spawning one of the most epic riffs known to man. The power of pure, unbridled Rock was too much for the shapeshifting Dopple who lay on the ground, stunned. The Viking rocker took the opportunity to decapitate him with the Axe's new blade.

Part 2: Fall Back and Regroup

Standing proudly atop the shapeshifter's corpse, Valhallen heard William yell to reform the ranks. He quickly jumped down and regrouped with the preacher and Merry – who had escaped miraculously unharmed from the savage charge. On the other side of the arena, the monstrous Steve, the now-hulking Darren, and the falling-down-drunk Cuervo loomed menacingly. Valhallen readied the axe for another sonic onslaught, hoping to catch the Creator's minions off guard with the Axe. He never got the chance.

He noticed William and Merry leap out of the way quickly as a shadow grew steadily larger on the floor. Looking up, he saw Morph's underbelly scales right before the 3-headed dragon crushed him under its bulk. Pinned but still struggling to break free, Morph clawed at the rocker and sliced off his mohawk. Lacking his flowing golden locks, the power of rocked ebbed out of Valhallen, weakening him as the dragon gradually crushed his life away…

Merry quickly rushed to his aid, stabbing forward with the sharp end of his stick while making a snide comment about Morph's need to go on a diet followed by a sexual joke concerning his three “heads”. Morph swung one neck over to deal with the pestering jester, attempting to chomp down on the thin man. Right at the last second, Merry jammed his stick into the dragon's maw and jumped aside. The fast-acting poison made quick work of Morph, killing him from the inside as he staggered off of Valhallen's limp form. William quickly moved forward to check his vitals as Merry was left facing three enemies with no weapon save his mind.

It would not save his hide. Steve and Cuervo double-teamed him; Cuervo rushed forward, able to drunkenly weave around the jester's desperate punches. His alcohol-sodden mind was unable to understand the jokes he made as he responded with a mighty burst of drunkenese, stunning Merry both with the unique obscenities and his horrid breath. While he was stunned, Steve took the opportunity to douse him in sticky syrup, trapping him in place for good. Both of them proceeded to whale on the jester, kicking him in sensitive areas and inflicting heavy damage. The poor court jester's world went dark once again. Nearby, Valhallen breathed his last, succumbing to severe internal trauma.

William stood up, enraged. Shouting a prayer to the heavens, he concentrated and summoned forth the Wrath of Ieovus once more. Only this time, he channeled it through his body, aiming it directly at the two forms standing before them.

The burst of white-hot light, fire, and brimstone completely obliterated them, not even leaving ashes behind; just burned spots in the floor outlining the locations of two pairs of feet. William knelt, exhausted. “I…can feel Ieovus himself…entering me…and guiding my every action,” he gasped.

“That's what she said,” came a gruff voice behind him. Darren reached down and snapped the preacher's neck between his thumb and forefinger; he knew sneaking off from the others had been a good idea. Dusting off his hands, he looked around, proud to be the last mortal left standing…right as Ieovus' sword separated his head from his now-broad shoulders.

Part 3: A Duel Interrupted

Turning back to the Creator, Ieovus roared, “Your warriors are dead and gone. You know you cannot overpower me. THE TIME HAS COME TO END THIS!” he shouted, rushing forward in a last, desperate lunge.

The Creator sidestepped the clumsy attack and tripped him. With her scythe inches from his throat, he gulped and did not dare to move. “The time, indeed has come to end this, you old fool,” she hissed. “Your self-righteous 'crusades' against the innocent end here and now,” she stated ominously, bringing the scythe back for the killing blow.

Sayq felt a hand on his shoulder, interrupting the reverie. “Time to go,” grunted the Judge, pushing him forward. “You handle the old guy, I'll take the girl.”

“Wait,” said Sayq as they ran. “How can I fight a god?”

“Just do what you always do. Trust me,” came the reply. There was no further conversation; the Judge launched himself at the Creator, hitting her in the small of the back and causing her to fly several feet away. Ieovus quickly stood up, shocked at the turn of events. Then, seeing Sayq, he growled. “Heretic…you shall pay for your insolence!” he cried, slicing forward with his massive sword.

Sayq easily ducked the first attack. Ripping out his knives, he dodged a vertical chop, not risking a parry versus such a massive weapon. A final spinning dodge brought him close enough to execute an attack. He quickly teleported several feet straight up, eye level with Ieovus. He raised his knives for a jugular-slitting strike as the diety changed grip on his weapon to swing it in a ferocious upward slash.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl; all of Sayq's world consisted of his heartbeat ringing in his eardrums, the scathing hate reflected back as he dared gaze in Ieovus' eyes, and the twin daggers, steadily drawing closer to their target on the god's neck.

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