Tryptamines are a class of psychedelic drugs that share the typtamine chemical backbone. The classic example of a tryptamine is psilocybin, the chemical in shrooms that metabolizes into the psychedelic drug psilocin once in the body.

Other tryptamines found widely in nature include DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. The former is arguably the most powerful psychedelic drug known to mankind and actually exists in trace amounts in the brains of every single mammal, as a part of our normal metabolism.


Simple tryptamines vary in their effects, but looking at the class overall they have a sort of raw, unforgiving power to them, compared to the 4-substituted tryptamines.

They are some of the safest psychedelics, and, like LSD, cause no physical harm even in large overdoses.




Phenethylamines are a class of psychoactive drugs that all share the phenethylamine chemical backbone somewhere in their structure.

Phenethylamines can be classic dopaminergic stimulants, as in the case of amphetamine, or empathogens such as MDMA, or psychedelics such as mescaline.

Many phenethylamines were developed relatively recently and are therefore considered research chemicals.

2C Family

The 2C's are a class of psychedelic drugs first developed by Alexander Shulgin in the 1970s and 1980s. Despite their label as research chemicals, some of the 2C psychedelics have been consumed for several decades, nearly as long as MDMA.

2Cs, like most psychedelics, act as agonists (activators) at certain serotonin receptor subtypes (5ht2a and 5ht2c are thought to be reponsible for the majority of psychoactive effect).

2Cs are relatively safe and well-known drugs, but they should be considered somewhat more dangerous than LSD and simple and 4-substituted tryptamines. People often find that 2Cs can have a strong 'bodyload', or feelings of muscle tension and nausea. 2Cs have a very steep dose-response curve, meaning that a small increase in the dose can produce a drastic increase in effect. A large 2C overdose can be physically dangerous, unlike an overdose with LSD or mushrooms.

Death from 2Cs has happened on a small number of occasions. The 2C-T-X subclass are much more dangerous in this respect, because they also act as MAOIs and can have very dangerous interactions with other drugs/medications that can lead to the life-threatening condition known as serotonin syndrome.

Overdoses from 2Cs also usually happen when the drug is snorted. Ignorant users might expect that in order to trip, they need to snort a typical cocaine-sized line of pure 2C powder, which could be more than twenty times a normal dose. Also, when these drugs are snorted, they are stronger by a factor of 2-3 and also come with a worse body load.


This is Alexander Shulgin's number one favorite drug, and that's saying a lot for a guy whose tripped on hundreds of different compounds throughout his life. In my opinion it is almost the perfect recreational substance. 2C-B does not give a full-featured psychedelic experience. It provides little in the way of psychedelic headspace an trippy thought patterns. Instead, it more than makes up for that by being an amazingly fun, light, sociable recreational trip with nice empathogen/entactogen effects as well, lots of colorful visuals, and great music enhancement.

This is one psychedelic drug that is totally appropriate for parties and other social situations where one typically would not want to be tripping.


One of the less common 2C's, this one has a reputation for being one of the most chilled out psychedelics ever, almost sedating. A very easy trip, great for beginners. It may be rare because the economics of it are not ideal; it is much less potent than most other 2Cs, with 40-50 mg or more being a normal dose.


Whenever you hear about 2C-D people always regurgitate Shulgin's words “psychedelic tofu” without knowing what they're talking about. This makes 2C-D sound boring, but pretty much anyone who has tripped balls on 2C-D will tell you that this is not the case. 2C-D is a full-blown A-grade psychedelic at a high enough dose. 2C-D, like 2C-C, is also not very potent, with doses as high as 80mg not being unheard of. 2C-D is notably shorter lasting than most other 2C's, clocking in at about 5 hours.

One of the most unique properties of 2C-D is that it has a powerful nootropic (cognition-enhancing) effect at sub-psychedelic doses of 5-10 mg. This is speculated to be a result of its 5ht7 agonist activity.


2C-E is in my opinion the greatest psychedelic drug of all time. Out of the 2Cs, this is your primary ticket to full-blown psychedelia. 2C-E goes very very deep and easily holds its weight against the classics such as LSD and psilocybin. 2C-E is much more visual than these other two, and this is a really spectacular thing to behold. On a moderate dose of 2C-E one can experience warping and popping colors and persian carpets on par with 5 or more hits of LSD.

It is a common sentiment that 2C-E is “emotionally neutral” and “cold”. I don't believe this to be the case; I have experienced incredible euphoria deeper than any roll on 2C-E. 2C-E is only going to be as cold as you make it. If you depend on drugs to “push” you into emotionally positive territory, then don't expect 2C-E to do this so easily for you. 2C-E must be worked with but the reward is that the gushing feelings of self-acceptance and appreciation of the beauty of life that you may find are 100% coming from YOU and not from the drug, even more so than with other psychedelics. In this way, I feel that the lessons and insights learned on 2C-E stick with the user more readily than with other drugs, since they are less forced by the drug itself.

Another common sentiment about 2C-E is that it has a heavy body load and comes with a lot of nausea and muscle tension. In my experience the the 2C-E bodyload is highly psychosomatic. You might find that at points in your trip a certain mental block/hangup resolves in your mind, and your body simultaneously feels much better. The 2C-E bodyload is to be welcomed, since it helps to provide insight into what's going on with you psychologically. Also, in my experience 2C-E is much more suited to the daytime. Taking during the day, and spending your time outside, helps to alleviate the bodyload because you can move around more.


Generally considered to be the shittiest 2C. It's very lacking in depth, but unlike 2C-B it's also lacking in every other area as well. Dirty uncomfortable electric stimulation, nasty `frying' type mental confusion, it's just a shitty drug. If you're looking for a light recreational trip, take 2C-B instead, it's a million times better.


2C-P is most comparable to 2C-E, but is sort of a more `extreme' version. 2C-P is incredibly long-lasting (12-20 hours), is the most potent 2C (10 mg is a medium-strong dose), and seems to have a somewhat steeper dose-response curve than other 2Cs.

2C-P has been described as “the 2C closest to mescaline”, but there are varying opinions about this. Reports of body load vary with 2C-P, some consider it to be one of the smoother 2Cs, but more often, people find that it has a bodyload comparable with 2C-E or even worse. 2C-P is also spectacularly visual, like 2C-E but possibly even more so.

Some people find 2C-P to be more consistently euphoric and entactogenic/empathogenic than 2C-E, and it seems to lack the “cold” feeling that some people experience with 2C-E.

It's important to remember with all of this that 2C-P is quite a hardcore psychedelic. People get in way over their head with 2C-P more often than with the other 2Cs, and then they're stuck with that trip for the next 20 hours. If you choose to experiment with 2C-P, tread lightly and start with a very small dose. 2C-P is not to be fucked with lightly.



NBOMe Family

The NBOME phenethylamines were developed by psychopharmachology researcher David Nichols to be used as tools for mapping the distribution of serotonin receptors in animal brains.

They found their way to the online research chemical market in 2010 and have been growing in popularity since, fueled by the fact that they are dirt cheap, often less than $1 per dose.

NBOMes are 2C drugs with a certain chemical modification attached that gives them 10-20 times more potency. They may have a more LSD-like feel to them than the 2Cs do, but each one is still a very different experience from the others.

NBOMes are uniquely dangerous drugs and have been responsible for multiple deaths and hospitalizations during the short time they've been around.

Most of the deaths have, as with the 2Cs, been when ignorant users found themselves with a bag of powder and snorted a line. A small line, snorted, of pure NBOME powder can easily be over 100 standard doses.

But even more worryingly, there are multiple reports online where users have taken what are considered normal doses of these drugs and have had serious life-threatening physical side effects that warranted hospitalization.

Although it seems to be rare, people have experienced vasoconstriction lasting for days after a single dose. Psychotic blackouts also seem to be more common with NBOMes than with other psychedelics, and happen unpredictably even at moderate dosages.

25I-NBOMe is one of the most popular NBOMEs, but it also may the most dangerous because it is the most powerful 5ht2a agonist ever discovered. This is likely why users experience cross-tolerance with other psychedelics that lasts for multiple weeks after a single trip on 25I-NBOMe. Also, there are a few reports online of people who developed seemingly permanent tolerance to all psychedelics after a period of taking 25I-NBOMe regularly.

If one chooses to take NBOMes, 25C-NBOMe is probably a safer choice than 25I-NBOMe because it is only a partial agonist at 5ht-2a and despite being nearly as popular as 25I-NBOMe, it has produced fewer reports of hospitalizations, and only one reported death.


DMT experience: The meaning of intimacy


~15g Banisteriopsis Caapi (ayahuasca) brewed and ingested, prior to

DMT, 35mg vaporized

I was the last one to go.

I did not feel prepared this time. The moment came up too fast, my mind was still tangled up in the relative comfort of my normal mind state. Still tangled up in wanting to feel a certain way, to have some semblance of control over my thought and feelings and experience.

No perspective on what was about to happen… I understood it, though, intellectually, that to inhale thirty-five milligrams of DMT in one hit is a Big Deal. I had been somewhere close before, when this had happened two weeks ago.

But at the last moment, right as I took the hit, I held on to my doubt. I did not let go.

After fully inflating my lungs with the exotic perfume-smelling vapor, there were a few short seconds of normality.

Then everything ground to a halt. Something happened with the sound of the room, with the ambience – really the words “deafening silence” are the closest expression of that sort of vivid stillness that descends into reality and seeps into your brain at the very initial level of the DMT space.

Something's wrong – there's no music! What happened to the Icaros? Icaros refers to the songs that ayahuasca shamans in the Amazon sing during ayahuasca ceremonies, the song itself is a connection to the ayahuasca spirit, and helps to guide the participant through the DMT space.

Right at the moment when the accelerating effect hits me the most, the music cuts out, and there is, literally, silence.

This was terrifying and unexpected. Immediately I know, I broke it. I broke the universe. This hit is going WAY too deep, I have seriously done it this time. It was so big that my sense of hearing just 100% cuts out in an instant, just like that. This is barely even the beginning and I'm fucked, I know it.

(In reality, the laptop playing the music glitched up at this critical point)

Milliseconds of agonizing panic pass, I impulsively rip out the earbuds and sit up, some primitive instinctual part of my mind screaming “Abort! Abort!” as if I can get off the train and sort of `check out', just hit the cancel button and pretend like none of this is happening…

The next time (maybe two seconds later, but felt like an eternity) that I consciously `check in' and take note of something that is happening in my mind and experience, my entire visual field is filled with vibrantly colored two-dimensional repeating patterns (my eyes are open at this time). There is a common motif, a sort of question-mark looking shape, wrapped around a circle of a different color framed in who know how many other curved and spiky geometric shapes.

The pattern is 100% static, there is no movement or flowing at all, it's just there, right in my face, no, more than in my face, it is pressing right into my brain. Just as immediately as I notice that I am seeing this, the experience is linked to a memory of the last time I took a large hit of DMT.

The thought: “Now I remember… I've been here before… I had forgotten that it was like this…” and the perception of the pattern, rolled up into one inseparable whole, experienced in a single instantaneous flash.

The next `check-in', maybe another second or two later, there is the thought: “I remember someone describing DMT as experiencing everything all at the same time. Yeah, I can see that now, it's pretty much like that.”

I suddenly blurt out (to the surprise of my friends) “DAYYYYUUUUUMMMMM” a few times and laugh a bit.

After this point, my primal fear begins to recede bit by bit, because I've been up at the peak for a decent amount of time, and the experience is no longer accelerating.

I'm still at the peak for several minutes. My resistance to the experience has found an outlet now; it manifests as a compulsion to move my body, to make squirming, yoga-like movements, deep breathing like nothing before. It feels like stretching after a deep sleep but even better, that simple but satisfying pleasure of just moving and tensing and relaxing muscles.

I'm vaguely aware of the people around me, through the patterns I catch vague glimpses of bodies now and then. This causes a lot of confusion, my mind, with very little connection to my past, starts trying to wonder “wait, who all is here? Who's watching me right now?”. I say that my mind tries to wonder, because in this state, thoughts are not really thoughts, they come out more as half-formed, nonverbal 'nubs' of thought, that get washed away in an instant by the rushing torrent of sheer experience.

I slowly reconnect more and more with reality, with the mind state I had before the experience, with the grounded reality of being here, in this room, with the people, on the floor, in this body. Still deeply in the experience, I am aware that the way I'm squirming and moving and running my hands over my body is incredibly sensual. I feel that I'm on display, that I'm naked, that my deepest sensuality is ripped open and exposed in front of these people, in front of the entire universe, and that I'm completely vulnerable, my heart and soul are totally open and I have surrendered.

With the experience winding down (but still at an intensity way beyond any other trip), I get up on my feet, and go into downward facing dog. I hang out there for a while, then sit patiently, open to the perception of where I am, feeling peaceful and grateful to settle back into the normal reality.

Kneeling, I put my hands in anjali mudra, palms together as if I am praying, and I bring them to my forehead, then my heart, then I bow down. I repeat two more times, very slow and heartfelt.

I know I'll be back soon, just a few more minutes, and I can have my normal brain function and normal, grounded experience, and reconnect with my friends! The thought of this makes me feel excited like when I was five years old on Christmas morning.

I get up and sit on the sofa next to one of my friends. Through the exhilaration I manage to blurt out “Can I get some water?” A friend hands me one of the glasses sitting nearby, and I take some big gulps. This reminds me of when I was a kid, when I would get really upset about something and cry, then my mom would make me feeling better by giving me a cup of juice to drink. The feeling of emotional catharsis, followed by drinking, it triggered some deep memories.

My friend was very caring and carefully positioned her hand to make sure I did not drop the glass. I appreciated this but it was unnecessary. It was still difficult to form sentences, so when trying to tell her this, it simply came out as:

“It's okay!”


“It's okay! It's okay everyone! Everything's okay! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

Awwwww some of the most heartfelt belly laughter I have experienced in a very long time.

I rode the rest of the way own in silence. I didn't have anything more to say. Everything was okay.

After this I didn't really feel like explaining anything about what happened, I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and rest.

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