Proof That The War On Terror Is Phony Baloney

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


If the United States so-called, war on terror, was real, the borders would be secured. Period. End of discussion. You really don't need to read any further.

The fact that George Bush never got serious about securing the borders is proof that the war on terror that his administration instigated is as phony as it gets. Now, Obama has unfathomably opened the southern border in the single greatest act of treason any citizen, let alone president, has ever committed in the history of the country. Anyone can walk right in.

Indeed, people from all around the world, including radical Muslims are entering across the southern border, on a daily basis. Yet, at the same time, the government is putting out the message that a new terror attack is expected before September 11, 2014.

We are being told that IS, aka, ISIS, aka ISIL – all of which are rebrands of Al Qaeda, by the way (the same Al Qaeda the United States has admitted to funding for various proxy wars in countries in which the US desires regime change, and the same Al Qaeda they tell us is responsible for 911) – is not only organizing, just over the border in Mexico, but they are said to already have numerous sleeper cells within the United States.

Welcome To The Twilight Zone


The Obama administration is so concerned about it, they continue to leave the borders open. Are you getting this? Does any of this make sense to you?

Click here to see a video of an actual journalist, (not a state-run corporate propagandist which is what mainstream media has become), go into Mexico, dressed up to look like an ISIS terrorist, complete with carrying a simulated severed human head and a 3 foot sword and an ISIS/Al Qaeda flag. After going through the motions of chopping a head off, he comes into full view and then make his way across the unsecured border, completely unhindered by border patrol agents, who are, no doubt, busy helping illegal aliens get signed up for welfare.

Obama Didn't Start The Fire But He May Burn The House To The Ground


Even if you are a conservative/Republican and you can see how tragic and ridiculous Obama is being, and the grave danger that he is allowing to happen, it is absolutely crucial that you understand that all he is doing is amping up the policies of George Bush. If you think that putting a Republican in the White House is guaranteed to stop the insanity, you just are not paying attention, because this unsecured, porous border in the face of terror threats originated with a Republican in the White House.

Bi-Partisan Sabotage Effort


Even in the direct aftermath of 911, Bush did nothing to plug in the vast holes in the border patrol program. That lack of resolve to secure the border was proof that the war on terror was as phony as a three dollar federal reserve note from the get-go.

Phony TSA Security Theater Is Nothing More Than Prisoner Training


What Obama has done, is to drive the point home to absurd levels, so that nobody has an excuse to be in denial one second longer. If guys looking like ISIS or Osama Bin Laden, with severed human heads in their hands, carrying Wahhabi Al Qaeda/ISIS flags, can walk, unmolested, across the border, then why do your wife and children have to have to literally be molested, or have radiation imbued, naked body pictures taken of them when they want to fly somewhere?

Why do you have to be subjected to homosexual genital rubbing before you get on an airplane? Why does the TSA guy get to peek into your baby's diaper and ogle his genitalia? Why are there more and more check points and road blocks on the streets and highways, asking invasive questions, sometimes taking blood samples from drivers, to be used in the global DNA database?

Why do people from Saudi Arabia, the country of origin for almost all the alleged 911 hijackers, get to be excused from the TSA searches? Why do women wearing Burkas get passed on through? Why do illegal aliens get to fly without even showing identification?

Why do thousands of illegal aliens, week after week get to come into the country and get a bus pass for wherever they want to go? Why is there no medical screening for these people to be sure they are not bringing in diseases to the country?

Have you figured it out yet? The war on terror is a hoax against the American people. It's a way to control us. It's prisoner training. It's teaching everyone to get used to giving up our freedoms and just do what we're told by the people in uniform.

Don't Be Misled - The Terror Threat Is Real


There is real terrorism. It's almost all globalist and government sponsored, but it's real terror. There are also terror hoaxes, but don't think for one second that all terrorism news is of hoaxes.

While there is evidence that a number of terror events in recent years have been hoaxed, do not make the mistake of believing that ISIS / Al Qaeda is not real. The US government funds terrorists who kill lots of other people, including some Americans.

ISIS has killed, tortured, beheaded & maimed upwards of 300,000 Christians and non radical (good, devout, peaceful) Muslims in Syria and other nations. ISIS is comprised of people who really do hate the USA. (Of course, most of the hatred stems from our murderous foreign policy, but that doesn't make it right to kill innocent citizens, any more than it is right for Obama to drone-bomb wedding parties in hopes of possibly getting a single terrorist.)

So when I make statements like, the war on terror is phony, that does not mean that I think that terrorist events never happen. Far from it.

The Phony War On Drugs Analogy


Think of it in terms of the war on drugs, which is just as phony. Does that mean that drugs don't exist? No. It means that the not-so-secret (to those with eyes to see and ears to hear) global government, using various departments of various governments, are actually behind international drug trafficking.

If you don't believe that, and if your reaction to this kind of information is always a knee jerk denial, then you need to open your eyes, and engage in even the tiniest modicum of open minded research, because living in denial is allowing for the destruction of freedom at the breakneck pace that is happening.

People Are Starting To Wake Up


Many people who had been fast asleep in terms of not being able to admit what is happening in front of their eyes, have gotten past the point of no return. They are beginning to smell the proverbial coffee. Waking up is an interesting phenomenon. As soon as you do it, you can't believe that so many others have not done it yet.

For many people, it happens overnight – or so it seems. I mean one day, you are accusing people of being conspiracy theorists, and virtually the next day, people are accusing you are being one. In actuality, it's not overnight, at least for most of us.

For instance, you might not be at the point where you're willing to be open minded about government officials taking part in 911, but you are able to see and talk about the treason involved in how the government reacted to 911, with the Iraqi war, based on lies, and with the wholesale slaughter of our Constitutional rights.

Even though you might have defended those actions in the past, the passage of time, and all the amassed evidence, may have changed your mind. You no longer can find excuses for such despicable actions as making up fabrications to justify the slaughter of millions of people. Today, you may be able to see that those invasion plans were standing by, just waiting for a good crises to be implemented. Although you may not be willing to go any further, and say that the government either actively planned and executed 911, or even allowed it to happen, when they could have stopped it, you've quit siding with the egregious mistakes the government took, has taken and continues to take, in reaction to 911.

That is enough to label you a conspiracy theorist. You should wear the accusation proudly, because most people who use that term, use that on people in an effort to hinder the awakening process they are going through.

The people who call you that term, are either paid shills, or they are trying to keep from awakening, themselves. They are getting scared, as they notice more and more people being willing to talk about various conspiracies. By clinging to the conspiracy theorist notion, they can continue to feel safe and not have to admit that we are in a lot of trouble.

If Denial Worked, I'd Still Be Doing It


If a hurricane is headed our way, and we could stave it off by not watching the weather reports or listening to any of the warnings, then I'd be all for it. However, if the storm is coming and there is no getting out of its path, then it just makes sense to prepare for it, and to try to wake up any neighbors you see who are thinking that ignoring it will offer some kind of protection.

I find that there are some people who can see through the phony war on drugs, but who are not at the point where they are seeing that it's the same process for the war on terror. By talking about the drug war, it can help them understand the terror war.

Historically speaking, governments love to have enemies. It helps to keep governments in control, which is what they yearn for more than anything. Governments prefer control over peace, security, prosperity, full employment, a good economy, surplus food, and the happiness of their citizens.

Drug abuse is a great enemy. Governments know they can never stamp out drugs. There will always be people who want drugs and who abuse drugs. Drug abuse is real. It destroys lives. It kills people. If governments can pretend like they are trying to help the citizens by getting rid of the drug problem, they can use that to garner undue control over the people they are allegedly trying to help. That is exactly what has happened.

The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable that governments around the world are actively involved in the trafficking of illicit drugs. This is not to say that they don't throw some drug traffickers in prison. They go after the traffickers that are not in cahoots with. Additionally, they especially love to imprison the end users, the drug customers.

It helps them fill up their prison for profit industry where they make use of the inmates as slave laborers. It allows them to pretend to be doing something about the drug problem, while they make huge sums of money from the sale of drugs, that go toward sickening, black budget operations.

If the government wanted to drastically reduce drug abuse, it would legalize some drugs across the board, and decriminalize all the others. Portugal decriminalized drugs well more than a decade ago. Drug abuse has declined as a direct result. Drug violence and the spread of diseases from users sharing needles has also been drastically lower.

The Government Knows How To Cut Out Most Terrorism


Similarly, if they wanted to reduce terrorism around the world, they could simply reverse most of their foreign policies. First and foremost, they would quit sponsoring it and creating false flag terror events.

Then, instead of being a force for globalism, which robs nations of their wealth and resources and takes away national and individual sovereignty and freedoms, they would promote sovereignty and Independence among all nations and people.

That would entail the cessation of bombing countries whose leaders are not following geopolitical orders given by the globalists. Bombing is an interesting phenomenon. The more you bomb people, the more they want to bomb you. Go figure. If you don't believe that, ask the Palestinians if Israels bombing campaigns make them want to be on their best behavior.

If the United States government would stop following the orders of the international banking cabal, but instead focused on helping people around the world to have food and water and natural health care and freedom to live as they see fit, we could turn the tide and not be hated by so many people. Dare I say, we could be loved by billions?

That isn't happening because the world is being led to global government. Right now, about the only people clearly not on board, are the Muslims, which is why the West has targeted them, in Machiavellian fashion.

It's quite brilliant, actually. They create conditions that foment hatred of the West. This causes the creation of radical Muslim groups of people who are happy to give their lives to kill Americans. Then the globalist banker groups infiltrate the radical Islamist to keep tabs on them and to build them up.

The bankster cabal (through the auspices of the US government) helps them to secure weapons. They fund them. They train them. Then, as these groups grow and start attacking innocent people, the West points out how dangerous Islam is.

The citizens of the West have no clue that their governments are bed with the radical Muslims. The just know that Muslims are killing innocents, so they bang the war drums, thinking that war will make everything better.

The people just assume that all Muslims are terrorists, or at least terrorist sympathizers. They start hating Muslims, and quit thinking of them as fellow humans. They become willing to support nuking entire countries out of existence.

What Needs To Happen

Instead of blaming all Muslims, the people of the West need to get control of their governments, and make them stop funding the radical jihadist Muslims who they say are their enemies. The people of the West need to get their governments to stop killing innocent Muslims, and other brown skinned people who are not harming them. All these things are doing is creating people who are willing to be radicalized as a form of payback.

Even without ISIS staged terror on our soil, if we don't secure our border, the United States will quickly become a third world nation. We can't afford to let everyone who wants to be here into the nation.

There are 7 billion people. How many are we supposed to allow in? How many are we supposed to put on welfare? How many are we supposed to let undercut our wages and put us out of work? How many are we supposed to get sick from diseases they bring with them?

Why is the United States the only nation in the world that is allowing everyone to enter? Why does Obama not even deport illegal aliens who commit violent crimes? Why does he allow them to get back out on the street where they commit more violent crimes?

Time For Action


The elite cabal that is controlling most governments has nefarious plans for people all around the world. It's time to get out of their systems of profit and control to whatever extent we can, so that we are not supporting their anti humanity efforts.

The fact that you're reading content like this is a good first step. You've got to go further. You need to be writing content like this. Make videos about it and post them on a YouTube channel you create.

Talk to your neighbors and your family and friends. Send them emails with links to websites they should know about. Write letters to lawmakers while we still have a window where letter writing can have an effect. Write letter to corporations when they are taking part in activities that are clearly un-American.

Quit spending your money at large chain stores and multinational corporations. Even though you may pay more, buy at local mom and pop store. Buy as much of your food at farmer's markets, as you possibly can. Go organic.

Alex Jones Infowars


The single best source of information to get up to speed on what is happening and to learn what you can do, is Alex Jones. He has a radio show that is on about 170 AM and FM stations. His show is also available online and on your smart phone. Go to his website and click on, “Listen now.” The page shows several ways to listen. The most convenient may be the app you can get for free for your smart phone. Please listen and get other people to listen, and ask them to get others to do the same.

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