Prompt: ”Garfield in Real Life”

Prompt: “You are trying to read the morning newspaper when your cat begins pawing at your leg. You brush it away, but it jumps on the table and begins meowing. Finally, the cat speaks. What does he say? Write this scene and what he is trying to tell you.”

I was sitting in my living room reading the morning newspaper when my kitten, George, was pawing at my leg. This was no different than any other day, as he always craves attention. When reading the newspaper is the worst time for him, since my attention is completely focused on the reading. This time around, though, something was a bit different.

With erratic behavior, George jumped up on the table beside me, staring at me. This was not normal as he usually just sits on the floor and waits for me to put down the paper so he can jump up in to my lap. It made me second guess what was happening, but then I went on with reading the paper; after all, it is my source for the latest news and events in my town.

All of a sudden, while reading the comics, I heard a sound. “It's me!” Looking around, confused, I tried to decipher where the sound came from. Could it have just been my brain playing tricks on me? We do hear a lot of sounds when we are in a quiet area, so it is more than possible that this is what was happening. I put down the paper and stood up to find George sitting up on the table staring at me. I wondered out loud, “did you hear that too?” “Yes,” George responded while barely moving his mouth.

Completely baffled as to if I was dreaming or not, I decided to ask another question to him. “Wait, you can talk?” I asked confused. “Wait, I can ask you the same thing about hearing me… I have always been talking out loud but you never responded before,” he says. Staring at each other in disbelief, I sat back down on the couch. “So what do we do from here?” I finally managed to ask. George responded with “I really do not know… is there anything you want to ask me?”

“Sure… first of all, what is your favorite food? I saw you looking at Garfield in the comics when I first heard your voice.” “It's tuna, rather than lasagna, if that is what you are asking… though I have never had lasagna before so I am not really sure whether or not I would like it.” I quickly responded with “well, what do you think of the normal food I give you?” After all, feeding a cat and staying on a tight budget is rough; spending a lot more money trying to get him tuna every day would end up creating a huge dent in the budget and may not allow me to fulfill my other bills. “I understand,” replied George. “I know that you are not always spending your money on other things, as I have awareness too. I get that it is a little hard for you to take care of me and keep me equipped with everything I need, and the food is not that bad. For my birthday and other holidays, though, I would love to have tuna!” We both laughed.

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