Project WWIII - Prologue

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“Echo 7, are you there, copy?

“Echo 7 silently flying right outside of the zone, state your position.”

“Still inside enemy compound, trying to find exit routes”

“Copy that Horizon. contact when you find landmarks, Echo 7 out.” The blaring of the radio always made me jump a little bit, probably because of endless silence. My body, pinned up against a wall with my head looking into the narrow corridor. Water on my boots made it a little hard to sneak pass by units, luckily there was none. I advanced into another room with two of them talking. All special and standard units were equipped with recording devices. I didn’t knew which piece of dialogue would be vital, so I let soldiers talk a little bit before interrupting their conversation. They usually talk about sociable things, civilian talk, nothing violent or unordinary. These people were exactly like us, and yet, they are the complete opposite. This conversation was about one of their family, how they haven't seen them for years. At least we have a option, there’s no doubt these units are here by force. Either threatened or to pay their poverty. Yet, I still have a job to do. One of them scurried to another room, forgetting to equip his talkie. Taking out my Karambit knife, I slowly approached the heavily armored one still left in the room, with a slot of his throat exposed. I positioned my left hand to grab onto him, and with my right to slash.

“Infantry Units, reporting a US helicopter flying outside of compound, take care of it.” The radio cause me to reversed my actions go back into the shadows. Mouthing a swear, I watched three units run into the direction I was going into. A short minute, then I radioed into the helicopter.

“Echo 7, have you been spotted?” I didn’t get any feedback, I did hear gunfire outside of the compound, a firefight was happening. Perfect opportunity to escape yet a fast extraction gone. There was always ways for me to escape, this was on an island so I can get away with one of the speedboats while they’re fighting presumably Echo 7.

“Horizon, we’re taking heavy fire. Landing to suppress and calling in reinforcements.”

“No, don’t land and suppress, get out immediately. I can find another extraction route.”

“We have orders to protect you with everything we got, we’re basically distraction for you right now.”

“Copy, it’s been a good time serving with you sergeant.”

“You too, Lieutenant.” Sad, I even knew his family. Every unit on the field can make a difference, letting them die in vain will so otherwise though. I hurried through the north corridor, scouts are too busy taking count on the units. Heavies are too busy trying to take out the units. It can be any minute before they’re taken out with a RPG, much less the fact that they’re severely outnumbered. I jumped out from one of the lower floor windows, down onto the ledge a few ten yards above the wild sea. Taking a leap of faith was never my style, but I did anyway, there was too many in the next room for me to pass by. I let go of the ledge, hugged my body and started to breathe in as much air as I can get. A leap of faith, I hoped for a shore not too far.

Then I heard the launch of a missile.

The entire complex exploded into thousands of huge remains, uncovered units probably vanished from the missile, inside units most likely suffocated by the rubble. The last thing I can remember before one of the rebar shards piercing through my stomach was the cries of soldiers.


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