Alcohol prohibition in the USA was a failure. Its roots began in 1893 when the Anti-Saloon League, supported by various groups such as the Women’s’ Christian Temperance League grew outraged over the proliferation of saloons. It was estimated there to be one saloon per 200 people.

The start of prohibition

Prohibition started in 1920 with the enactment of the Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. This was designed to reduce public drunkenness. The prohibition led to speak easy rooms, where one could enter the back and have drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. It also led to home made brew, frequently flavored with herbs to disguise the poor distillation process. Gin was an especially easy liquor to attempt flavoring on.


Organized syndicates smuggled Canadian Whiskey across the border into the US. Rum was brought from the Caribbean into Florida, frequently through Miami. Many fortunes were made from the illegal importation of booze. The Bacardi name is to this day associated with rum, and it is a matter of historical record that the Bacardi Family were involved in importing rum during prohibition.


Medicinal Alcohol

During prohibition you get a prescription from your Doctor for Medicinal Alcohol. Alcohol has been believed to be beneficial to your health for centuries, in the treatment of disease, pain, and snakebite.

The end of prohibition

Prohibition ended in 1933 when the Twenty First Amendment to the US Constitution repealed the Eighteenth Amendment


There are similarities to the criminalization of marijuana. The US Constitution was signed on hemp paper, and at one time all farmers were required to grow hemp. As in the alcohol prohibition, the marijuana prohibition also involves smuggling, home grown, and enriches those brave enough to supply it. Another similarity is that Medicinal Marijuana can be prescribed from Doctors in many states and likewise has been known for centuries to have health benefits.

How many people have criminal records for minor possession offenses? How many of them face reduced job opportunities because of that conviction? Of what benefit has this been to our society?

Where are we now?

When will we learn from our mistakes? Alcohol, marijuana, and other sacred plants have been revered and used for countless centuries. To make them illegal is to not going to stop the usage of them. A large number of pharmaceuticals are derived from plants and plants are certainly medicine for many people. Many cultures live in harmony with the Earth, and plants and products naturally derived from the plants, have been used medicinally since beyond written records.

It is hoped that this brief article will raise awareness about prohibition, and the effects upon the individual caught using them, and the crime that prohibition brings.


Temperance and Prohibition

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