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Don't Be Evil

You may or may not be aware that Google's motto is, “Don't Be Evil” As the years roll on, there is mounting evidence that they do not follow their own edict. They are infamous for invading privacy and working with dubious organizations like the National Security Agency which treats every person as a terror suspect and seeks to keep tabs on every aspect of our lives.

Those Who Would Trade Liberty For Security Will Have Neither


The sub-heading you just read is one of many variations attributed to Benjamin Franklin. While it may not be the word for word exact quote, it is certainly close enough to convey the message, except for the fact that he didn't actually mean it that way. See this footnote1) if you want the context in which he meant it; however, just because he was talking about something else, that doesn't mean he would disagree with the way it's being interpreted – but then, nor does it mean he would agree. It's still a good statement, but for accuracy, it shouldn't be attributed to him in that context.

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of liberty. Google is cooperating with anti liberty forces to help to make privacy a thing of the past. While I can't tell you what to do, I will say that I'm taking steps to get away from Google's invasion of my privacy. In a previous Devtome 'conversation' I recently posted, Please Consider Just Saying No To Cops, I mentioned the reason the title was not more of a clear cut authoritarian instruction, as in, Just Say No To Cops. The same logic applies here.

This is not titled, Just Say No To Google, because the more you tell people what to do, the less likely they are to do it, if they have a choice. Hence, this post will not so much as tell you not to use Google, as it tells you just some of the reasons why I choose to use them as little as possible.

Now It's No Longer Just Google


The main problem with using Google search is it is a tool of the global shadow government's snoop and dupe slave program. If you didn't realize it yet, by the way, there is a ruling cabal that rules over the world in an covert fashion, that is closing in on their multi generational goal to make it an overt global government, rather than a covert one.2)

To these people, everyone else is their slave. The best slaves are the ones who are in denial of their slave-hood, because it's impossible to revolt against something you refuse to believe exists.

Conspiracy researchers tell us that Google was the first search engine to give access to their user search data to the National Security Agency (NSA), but it would be foolhardy to believe that Bing and Yahoo are keeping your search data to themselves. If you want to do what you can to try to keep your what you search for online private, you will need to use a search engine that does not log your IP address.

It's Not Good To Incriminate Yourself

In the aforementioned post regarding not talking to cops, the idea is that circumstantial evidence gets people imprisoned, including innocent people. What you say to cops can come back to haunt you even if you are not guilty of the crime(s) they are investigating. Stuff can just make you look bad.

The same holds true with your Internet searches. You could be doing homework on Presidential assassination attempts, and end up with a visit from any number of law enforcement agencies, asking you why you want to kill the President.

It's Not A Joke

You may be thinking, “Yeah, I'm sure,” but you should think again. Many people have reported visits from law enforcement for searches they made or even statements they conveyed in personal phone conversations. The Edward Snowden revelations have shown that the level of surveillance, aided by technology, is off the proverbial chain, (and keep in mind, Snowden, to date, has only revealed a tiny amount of the data he collected.3)

Beware The Google Autocomplete

Some people have gotten into hot water due to errant searches brought about by the Google autocomplete function. Autocomplete is how Google gives you a list of options to finish the search term you are typing into the search field. For instance, as in the image above, by entering, “how to cook,” Google offered a few different options that could save me a couple seconds if I simply moused over one of those and clicked, instead of the typing it out.

Sometimes, within the options, will be a search term that will flag the government snoops and automatically make your a criminal suspect, possibly a terrorist suspect. You could have clicked on it by accident, not being as nimble with the mouse as you should have been, and your life could turn into a living hell.

That's what happened to Jeffrey Kantor.4) He was thinking about making a radio controlled airplane for his son's upcoming birthday. He was trying to Google, “how to build a radio controlled airplane,” but one of the options was, “bomb,” and he accidentally clicked on that. His life was never the same.

He filed a lawsuit telling a bizarre story of 'gang stalking' that the average person would surmise simply shows that he's out of his mind, paranoid and delusional. Unfortunately, the type of things he reports have been documented many times over. You can do a search on gang stalking (and, targeted individual) to learn more about the topic, or you can read about some of Kantor's story here.

The Way To Use Google Without Using Google

There are a few search engines that purportedly don't track you. The word on the virtual street is saying that is the best of them, and is number 2.5) The problem is, if you're like most people, you may find Google's search results to be better than other search engines. You might balk at having to give it up.

Well, as it turns out, StartPage actually uses Google's search platform, but it technologically runs interference for you, so Google never knows who is actually doing the searching. Moreover, unlike DuckDuckGo or any of the other non tracking engines, StartPage has a link with every search result, that if you choose to use it to go to a URL in the results, you will be on their proxy network, and you will not be tracked.

(Actually, as I understand it, with StartPage, you don't have to use the proxy link that says, View by Ixquick Proxy, to be protected. However, if you go to the URL without clicking the proxy link, as soon as you click on anything on that page you go to, then you will tracked. However, if you do use the ixquick link, you will be untrackable, even if you click links on the page. The only drawback, which is more than worth it, is that it will be a bit slow.)

You could also use as your search engine. They are owned by the same company (or more accurately stated, StartPage is owned by IxQuick. IxQuick came first. The difference is that IxQuick uses 10 search engines to create their results while StartPage just uses Google. (IxQuick also has the link to let you surf to any of the URLs without being tracked. The link simply says, “Proxy.”)

Virtual Proxy Networks

This is getting off the topic of Google, but it's still on the topic of doing what you can to shield your online life from the snoops. The fact is your ISP (Internet service provider) logs every site you visit. They all say in their terms of service that they will turn your information over to government agencies when called upon to do so.

Many researchers say that they have secret backdoor access to your surfing activity anyway. A way to get around the logging your Web activity, at least from your ISP is through the use a VPN (virtual proxy network.)

Yes, that is what you are doing when you click the link in StartPage or IxQuick search results, but what about when you are just typing in the address you are going to, or clicking a link in an email, an ebook, a bookmark, etc.? The ixquick proxy doesn't help you in those instances.

To use the ixquick VPN, you have to first do a search on StartPage or IxQuick. I suppose you could simply type in the URL in the search field of either or those search engines and the site would be shown in the first page search results, from which you could click on the proxy link, but it would be a hassle, and it wouldn't help you as mentioned above, for links in email, ebooks and bookmarks, or when you type an address into your browser directly.

There are free and paid services. Many of them have both. The free services have some drawbacks. They may slow your surfing down more than the paid ones. They may have ads. They generally have data limitations. The best free VPN may be CyberGhost. There is no bandwidth limit per se, but it works in three hour session limits.

I'm not sure how soon you can get another 3 hour session. It might just be a matter of logging on again, but if you are trying to hide your tracks, and the 3 hours are up, you will no longer remain hidden from your ISP when your session is up. Here is a post called, 5 Great Free VPNs. One seems to be Chrome add on. Chrome is Google, so I wouldn't trust it with a 200 foot pole, though.

The most popular paid VPN may be HideMyAss. It allows you to switch your IP address with any number of various ones they have in their system. Like all VPNs, it makes it look like you are accessing the Internet from another geographical area. It might be in your same state or province, of it could look like you are thousands of miles away.

It may very well have the most options of available addresses in the most places. Others often don't give you as many choices of cities. They might have states, or only regions of the country or various countries, whereas HideMyAss may have a choice of 10 in a single city, for instance, Miami, while also offering you many other addresses in other parts of the same state, for instance, Florida.

Another good one is PrivateInternetAccess. They don't have nearly as many options, but despite that, they are far superior to HMA and virtually all the others, because they purportedly keep no log of your IP address. (That's the thing to keep in mind with VPNs. You're trying to get away from the logging the your ISP is doing, but the irony is, your VPN is also keeping track logging what sites you are visiting, and that means, they can make that information available to others if they want to, or if a governmental body requires it of them, whereas PrivateInternetAccess can't do that, because they don't have that information, by design.

In addition to that, they let you pay by Bitcoin if you want to. When you do that, there is no money trail connecting you to them. They also are about one third the price of HideMyAss.

But I Don't Watch Porn And I Have Nothing To Hide

If you are one of these people who are not creeped out by the government keeping a log of virtually everything you do online and even, more and more, offline as well, then I am breaking the news to you that you are cluelessly naive. I apologize for the troll-like nature of that statement. I really don't say it to make you mad or to hurt your feelings, but rather, to jar you into reality.

Even if you think there is nothing you do online – no searches you've ever made or websites you've ever landed on – that a narrative could be written around such, that could cause embarrassment or discomfort if they were made public, the fact is your private information, including private emails could become public. Do you not care about your privacy at all?

This nonsense about having nothing to hide is missing the point and not seeing the forest, for the trees. The only people who would track you the way these snoop agencies do are the very people who can't be trusted with your private information. Noble people, like our founding fathers, would never find an excuse to want to keep tabs on every single person and make them a suspect. That is the kind of thing they fought and died to get away from.

The people who are snooping are not really trying to protect you. They want to know who the “troublemakers” are. (Of course, to them, troublemakers are people who believe in freedom and the rights they are described in the Constitution. They want to find things they are doing so they can try to lock them up if they are breaking the law. They are looking for dissenters, political opponents, not terrorists.

They're keeping tabs on your because they want to know that they have been successful dumbing you down, distracting you with bread and circuses and keeping you docile. When you say things like you don't mind that you have no privacy because you have nothing to hide, you are letting them know they were successful with their mind control programming on you.

It's Nobody's Damn Business But Yours

Besides the fact that your private life is nobody's business, the truth is you are breaking the law on a daily basis. There are so many laws, everybody is a lawbreaker. This is by design, in part, so that the shadow government can imprison as many people as possible and make them slave laborers. The pilot program for massive imprisonment is run in the United States, but the shadow government is global, so it is likely to spread all over the world, In the USA, there are more people behind bars than India and China combined. Ponder that one for while.

There are a combined 2.4 billion people in those two countries and only 340,000 million in the USA, yet the United States has more people imprisoned then both those massive countries. The truth is, you do have things to hide, but you don't even know it. You're breaking laws all over the place.

Another reason for so many laws and the authoritarian clamp down is to bankrupt citizens. The ruling cabal wants everyone in debt to the company store, so to speak. By monitoring your every action, they can find out what laws you are breaking, for instance, collecting rain water or selling lemonade or growing food gardens (all of which are examples of activities that are illegal in certain areas), and they can fine you in the event that your crimes are not severe enough to imprison you.

If you have yet to read, Please Consider Just Saying No To Cops, please do so now. If you have been the type of person to not understand the importance of not allowing cops to lead you to self incrimination and if you don't shield your online activities (for the same reason), I pray that you will take what you have read here to heart and start making some changes.

Further Reading

5 Reasons You Should Be Scared Of Google

Wow. When I read this title to the article linked above, I was sure one of the five reasons would be about how the rigged those damn Google Street View cars to steal everyone's data from their wifi networks.6) Alas, I was wrong.

In 2010, Britain found out that they were collecting data. Google said it was only information that would help them with their map service. In 2012, the United States caught them taking a lot more than anything related to map locations. Google then admitted that they lied and were covering up the fact that they “accidentally” took all kinds of information, including emails and passwords and personal data people would not want taken.

First off, there was no reason to take any of the data they initially said they were taking for Google Maps. They had their map system working just fine without it. So that was, no doubt, a smoke screen to begin with.

Then when they got caught lying and covering up their crimes, they said it was an accident and they didn't use the data and they were going to delete it and they were so very very sorry. If you believe any of that, I have some waterfront land to sell you in hell.

Then the United States FTC (Federal Trade Commission) gave them a slap on the wrist and that was followed up with a laughable settlement with 38 states and the District of Columbia in a class action lawsuit for the data theft. They payed only 7 million dollars and did not have to admit to breaking any laws.

That sounds like a lot of money until you realize that Google makes about 6 million dollars an hour. It is reminiscent of the drug companies committing all kinds of crimes, fraud, bribery, kickbacks, you name it, and getting fined a tiny percentage of the profits they made on the very crimes for which they are fined for. It's definitely good work if you can get it.

Supposedly, they only got data from systems that did not have passwords, but knowing Google, I wouldn't be surprised if we later learn they have some technology that allowed them to break into locked wifi networks as well.

My gut tells me they didn't do this on their own. I believe it is much more likely they were working for the global shadow government. That would explain why they were able to get away it so easily. The investigation showed that the engineer they hired to create the system that allowed them to steal that data, kept warning them that it is unethical and illegal, but that didn't stop him from completing the job and taking the money.

You can read more about it in Business-Time Magazine online, here. Hopefully, this will help to school you on the type of organization Google is.

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