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The PlayStation 4 is considered the best video game console in the world and it’s the latest model for the PlayStation gaming systems. Sony released the PlayStation 4 in November of 2013 and it sold more than a million copies upon its initial debut. The PlayStation 4 has broken records not only in sales, but it is also the best rated video game units in the gaming industry. So why are so many people impressed with the PlayStation 4? The following information will help a person to understand why the PlayStation 4 or PS4 is an entertainment console worth purchasing.

What makes the PlayStation 4 Stand out from the Competition?

The first thing that must be stated about the PS4 is that the system has been designed primarily for games. The console’s developers decided to concentrate on games because they departed from this strategy when they created the PlayStation 3. PS4 owners can still watch movies, listen to music and surf online, but the experience will not be the same as it was on the PS3.

Another major change to the PS4, is that the console allows players to interact on a greater scale with the games that they play. The PS4 comes with Dual Shock 4 control pads and a video camera (sold separately) which give players the ability to monitor their health level on their controllers and experience strong vibrations whenever a game character encounters a collision or object.

The camera allows players to communicate more efficiently with other players on multiplayer titles and it can be used for voice commands or for continuing a game or exiting out of a title in order to immediately return back to the home screen. The camera also acts as a biometric device. PS4 owners can turn on their units simply by showing their face in front of the camera which uses biometric technology to recognize their face. Players will also need a camera in order to enter into the Playroom section on the menu in order to play with robots.

Remote Play is another perk to owning the PS4. The PS Vita is a small handheld device that allows gamers to play their video games from a remote device. Think of the PS Vita like a tablet that has been exclusively designed to play PS4 titles. These aren’t the only features for the PS4 but they are the primary factors that help to make the PS4 an unforgettable experience.

PS4 Specs

The PlayStation 4 has lots of power and incredible graphics. The graphics on the PS4 makes games come to life and helps to immerse players inside of games. Developers have integrated different types of graphic related technology such as shaders, real-time lighting and texture mapping to make PS4 games look sharp, crisp and as close to a real life environment as possible. The graphics card is a semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU.

The PS4 is designed with 500GB of hard drive space, a dual quad-core Jaguar processor, which is an 86-core AMD x86-64 CPU. The secondary processor is used in the game for conducting background tasks. There is also 8 GB of GDDR5 256 MB DDR3 RAM. All of these specs give the PS4 a powerful operating system that allows players to really immerse themselves into the action.

The unit has a built in WIFI receiver, but it uses Ethernet cables to connect players with the online world. Players can connect their unit to their own WIFI network, but the Ethernet cable provides them with a better experience in terms of game play. However, if they have a really powerful WIFI network that might not make a difference. Bluetooth technology is used for the Dual Shock 4 controllers.

PS4 owners can upgrade their consoles and add more memory, processing power and storage space. Though 500GB is a lot of space for a gaming system many of the titles are least 35GB. Since there are a lot of great PS4 games, space on a unit might quickly fill up. Consumers can switch out the 500GB hard drive for a hard drive that contains a greater amount of storage space.

By the way a new PS4 system will need a 1.51 system update in order to take advantage of all of the great services and features on the unit. If they do not download this patch the console will only play a limited number of games.

Consumers should also keep in mind that the PS4 cannot be connected to an analogue television unless a person uses special equipment for this purpose. This gaming unit works best with televisions which have been designed with the latest technology.

PS4 is not a backward compatible console. PS3 games will not work on this device. Game developers launched the PlayStation Now service in December of 2013 and it allows PS4 owners to play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games through a cloud based subscription.

The Appearance of the PS4

The PS4 resembles high end electronic equipment. The unit has a slim design and it can lie flat against a surface or be stood up on its side with a stand (sold separately). Designers have made the PS4 in a sleek black color with an asymmetrical design. The power buttons are slightly hidden on the device and if a person is not familiar with their unit they probably would have a hard time finding them. Developers made the PS4 in this manner so it could be stylish enough to be integrated into a modern entertainment system.

Media Services on the PS4

Even the PS4 is not designed for different forms of media owners can still watch movies and shows such as Netflix and Hulu. The system provides users with 13 interactive apps which include Amazon Instant Video, NHL GameCenter Live, Redbox and Yupp TV. Users can also listen to music with Sony’s Video and Music unlimited. PS4 owners will have to download the apps they want to use and pay a small monthly fee for services.

The Video Unlimited channel is another service that offers users programs and new release movies. Users are typically given a free $10 PlayStation Network code so that they can rent or purchase items virtually for free during the first time that they use this service.

The Music Unlimited channel streams digital music services with thousands of songs and they are available upon demand. Users can browse for the type of music that they desire and simply click them on. Owners will also need to pay a small monthly service in order to use this as well. Consumers will not be able to play MP3 or CDs on their PS4’s unless they download the update which allows these file systems to be played back on this device.

A PlayStation Plus membership is designed for users to bring games and players together in multiplayer action or adventure titles. Membership is necessary for acquiring new games and being able to connect with other players while playing these titles. The membership is around $49.99 a year, but this price might vary for different reasons. PS3 owners can use their previous PlayStation Network accounts for their PS4. This will allow them to access their trophies, friends and previous downloads that they can use on the PS4.

The PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is also available to PS4 owners. Owners can download games and music from this location as well. Owners can also download a PlayStation app on their iOS and Android tablet devices. This will allow them to play PS4 games on their tablets.

PS4 owners should also keep in mind that their Dual Shock 4 controllers come with a share button that automatically connects them with a community of gamers. They can compete with these individuals or broadcast their game play to a community in real time. Players can use the broadcast feature to assist or just watch as other players maneuver their way through video game worlds. Services such as Twitch and Ustream will give players the ability to broadcast their games to people online so that they can be seen through different web browsers. The system broadcasts notifications of a player’s activity and achievements such as videos watched or trophies earned by default. Players will have to disable specific notifications in the settings section if they do not want them to appear.

The Share button connects players to Facebook and Twitter so that they can upload video clips or screen shots of their games before making comments on them. Once again, the PS4 totally immerses a person in the video game experience.

The Blu-ray Player on the PS4

The Blu-ray player on the PS4 is capable unit that delivers quality Blu-ray movies at 1080p. The unit can also play DVDs as well.

Games on the PS4

Many critics have mixed reviews about game titles for the PS4. Some people claim that the PS4 titles are not entertaining enough to draw people in and others state that the current games for the PS4 are substandard for the system. Even with such negative or partial reviews there are some noteworthy titles available for the PS4. Popular titles on the PS4 include Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Need for Speed: Rivals. Other popular titles include NFL Madden 25, NBA 2K14 and Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. Many PS4 developers produce their games on the PlayStation Network but there are plenty of titles in stores. All PS4 games can be obtained on the PlayStation Network and they come with demos.

Keep in mind that hard disc games automatically install on the PS4 once they are loaded into the system. The system will usually automatically add any updates that may be available for a particular title.

Voice Commands

As was mentioned earlier, the voice command features on the PS4 help to make using the system a breeze. Once players can master the voice commands they will usually have greater control over their units. Sony plans on releasing more downloads in the future that update the system's voice command capabilities.

Biometrics and the PS4

While it is true that the PS4 does allow players to power their device by simply showing it their face, this technology is not fully exploited on the system. The games on the PS4 do not benefit from this feature, but this is expected to change in the future. The inclusion of biometric technology is a great way to start introducing people to the next generation of video games that will utilize person’s senses and physical features on a deeper level.

Dual Shock 4 Controllers

The Dual Shock 4 Controller pads have been redesigned on the PS4 and they are bigger with more space between the buttons. The newer design allows players to maximize game plays and they are designed to link a person more closely to the game that they are playing. The controllers have a health bar on them that reveals the health level of a video game character while it is being played. Players can also “feel” their way around a game as they play with the robust vibrating technology that is built into the controllers. The Dual Shock 4 controllers have been significantly improved since the PS3. Also, players can control their games with the use of the PlayStation Move Controllers.

Extras and Accessories

When a person purchases a PS4 they will receive the console, a power cord, an HDMI cable, an earbud microphone combo (plug it into the Dual Shock 4 controller), 1 Dual Shock 4 controller pad and a charging cable. Players that want (or need) another joystick will have to purchase one separately. They will also be required to buy the camera if they want to use its features and the PS Vita if they want to play games from remote locations from the console. There is only one charging cable for the controller and extra controllers that are sold on the market do not come with charging controllers and they have to be purchased separately as well.

Other accessories for the PS4 include the Dual Shock 4 charging Station that power up to two pads at one time. There is also a charge and grip kit for the Dual Shock pads. Wireless Dual Shock 4 pads are also available for sale as well. The PS4 also has a remote for the Blu-ray player. Consumers can buy PS4 wireless headphones and those with chords. However, they should keep in mind that any headphones or ear buds will work fine with their Dual Shock pads. Backpacks, stands and Grip It Stick covers can all be purchased for use with the PS4.

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