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I am looking to create a site that pays people who complete offers, known as a Get Paid To site. The users completing offers will be rewarded in crypto currencies such as Devcoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin; other coins will be added upon request of so many users wishing to have the type of payment.

First steps

Firstly, a script would have to be made for the website along with a template. The template will be made with BootStrap 3 due to flexibility and it is easy to use and modify. The script language would probably be PHP as it’s mostly used on the internet and is easy to use. What type of hosting will be used? Is it going to be shared, VPS or dedicated hosting? I have decided that for starters a shared hosting package will be suitable due to low amount of resources used. What marketing strategy is going to be used? I believe that on page SEO has allot to do with getting ranked on search engines, therefore allot of articles would have to be written and spun and then places on Web 2.0 websites for search engines to rank the website and not blacklist the website.

What I am doing with the script

The script will be released for people to use. A free version will be available which gets updated and is basically the basic GPT site, while the paid will be a premium service featuring postbacks, tiered member systems, ability to created pages, games, eventually a theme system and some other additions that come to mind or requested additions. This will be secured with a licencing system so that the script cannot be copied and given to other website users. There will be free transfers of users domains but will need to be approved. There will be a significant difference between the script the website is using and the free and premium scripts that are being released for public use. In addition to the free scripts, services will be available to create mods for the script such as the ability to create postbacks for CPA affiliates. This will cost and will be put in for the further development of the free edition.


To produce a custom script that I can use to produce my own GPT for crypto currencies. To build a loyal community to the brand.

Computer Science

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