Piracetam is one of the most common examples of a nootropic and was developed in the year 1964 by a Romanian chemist in Belgium, Dr. E. Giurgea. This pill is now commonly available in many countries without the need for a prescription. Though this drug was originally used to treat various neurological problems like Alzheimers, stroke, and dementia, even those who do not have these disorders benefit from Piracetam consumption. Piracetam has proven to be effective in treating these kinds of disorders and the results were often positive, but it is advised that these drugs should not be used in high dosages. Moreover piracetam comes in form of pills and powders that can be used in regular dosages to achieve the desirable benefits. Compared to the pills, the powdered form of piracetam is much cheaper and can be measured using a measuring scoop to maintain the desirable amount of dosage everyday. The powder piracetam is very bitter in taste and can be difficult to consume, so it can be mixed with some kind of fruit juice to make it easier for consumption and the bitter taste gets masked within the sweetness of the juice.


Piracetam should be used everyday to see the results as these drugs work gradually and you cannot expect a miracle to happen within a day or two. The normal dosage of this can be found printed on the box of the medicine or your medical practitioner might advice you to follow some particular dosage amount. The regularly used dosage is around 800 to 2000mg per dose, two or three times a day. To accelerate the effects, you can initially take 3000 mg per dose for the first three days and then gradually reduce. The safer method is to consume the drug in smaller doses for a longer period of time, as it will work gradually and safely without any side effects.

1g of Choline is added to piracetam everyday to enhance the effects of the piracetam. Piracetam helps in promoting the functions of the neurotransmitters and choline replenishes the depleted neurotransmitters and restores them. When both of these chemicals are combined together they perform better and in the most effective way, otherwise piracetam may cause headaches or the effects may not be that strong as expected.

Benefits of using Piracetam:

There are various benefits of making use of piracetam everyday and it has been noticed that it increases the cognition, memory power, ability to learn faster, better focus, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases blood pressure and it is also reported to reduce traumatic conditions of the brain. Some people who have used piracetam without the use of prescription have claimed that it helps as an anti depressent drug and greatly helps in relieving stress.

Also piracetam is believed to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, lack of which can cause various health problems and severe lack of oxygen can also lead to death of an individual. As said earlier, piracetam is one of the best medicines to treat neurological disorders like Alzheimer, stroke and dementia.

Apart from these general benefits, piracetam also increases the blood flow to the brain, reduces the physical exertion, improves the athletic performance, slows down the aging of the neurons, increases the ability to grasp things faster, it also improves the condition of short term memory, and regenerates the central nervous system. These are some of the common benefits of the drug piracetam that helps humans achieve the ability to enhance the functions of the brain.

Side effects of using Piracetam:

Piracetam is generally very safe to use. Yet there are certain side effects which are common among people who use high dosage of this medicine. Some of the most common side effects include: headache, stomach upset, nausea, insomnia, gastric problems, fatigue, nervousness and depression in certain cases. When faced with such problems, the drug should not be used any further and it is highly recommended that you consult a medical practitioner for better advice on the usage of the drug. Also, it is not recommended for use to those who are pregnant, lactating, and those below 18 years of age.

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