Pax Soprana Season 1 Episode 6

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Pax Soprana is the sixth episode of season one of The Sopranos. The episode is primarily focused on Uncle Junior’s first days as boss, particularly with his mistakes and how Tony manages to right many of the wrongs his uncle makes. The tension increases when Uncle Junior decides to tax all of his Capos in New Jersey, including Hesh. Tony receives further frustration from his sexual desire for Dr. Melfi, who reveals his feelings may stem from a dark, unhealthy place in his subconscious.

Episode Recap


The Way to Peace

While Tony was away visiting colleges with Meadow, Uncle Junior took very little time to assert his dominance as boss of New Jersey. The capos Uncle Junior rule over are swiftly taxed. Mikey,who is Uncle Junior’s muscle, delivers pain and punishment to local drug dealers and gamblers while Livia convinces Uncle Junior to force back taxes from Hesh. Uncle Junior’s demands are not received well by the other capos, and they convince Tony to have a word with his uncle. Tony convinces the boss of New York City, Johnny Sack, to manipulate Uncle Junior into believing his demands are reasonable but too high. The ploy succeeds, and Uncle Junior institutes the Pax Soprana, which receives its namesake from the Pax Romana, or the Roman Peace, a long period of peace in Roman history beneath the beloved Augustus Caesar.

Life at Home

Tony’s dreams from previous episodes persist, though they take on a sexual edge. Tony dreams of sleeping with Dr. Melfi. Frustratingly for Tony, however, he cannot manage to have sex with Carmela or Irina, his mistress. Tony believes his impotence is due to prozac. The problem comes to a head during the evening of Tony and Carmela’s anniversary. Carmela chastises Tony for not being romantic enough, and for not telling her Dr. Melfi’s gender earlier. Tony, unsure of what to do, spends time with Irina. However, there is a language barrier between Irina and Tony, and he struggles to communicate his desires. Irina believes Tony wants her to dress and behave like a whore, which she is unwilling to do, and spurns the rest of Tony’s advances.

Meanwhile, Carmela speaks with Father Phil about Tony’s infidelities, and her concerns regarding Dr. Melfi. Father Phil suggests she attempt to satisfy Tony’s desires herself, and explains, according to the Catholic paradigm, no duty is more important for a woman than to please and obey her husband. Carmela resolves to bring Tony’s infidelities to an end. The conflict is made worse in Tony’s therapy sessions, but does receive some forward momentum at the end of the episode when Tony and Carmela discuss Tony’s therapy and whether or not he should continue.

Doctor’s Visits

Tony’s keeps his dreams a secret and does not mention them in therapy until most of the episode has past. The therapy sessions are largely mundane. Tony continues to take opportunities to help Dr. Melfi. He overhears Dr. Melfi’s car is having trouble, so he pays one of his men to install a new starter, which is unknown to Dr. Melfi. Dr. Melfi, however, insists Tony no longer bring her gifts and perform favors for her as it is a violation of her ethical code, and decreases the wall between doctor and patient. Tony does not heed her advice.

Their sessions come to a head when Tony reveals he dreams about Dr. Melfi and cannot get sexually aroused while thinking of any other woman. Tony admits that he loves Dr. Melfi and attempts to kiss her, but Dr. Melfi convinces him to stop and insists he return as soon as possible for another session. An awkwardness arises between them, though Dr. Melfi does her best to remain professional. During the next session Dr. Melfi suggests Tony’s feelings for her are due to his search for a kind, loving, gentle Italian woman who he does not have in either Carmela or his mother. Tony is disgusted by her diagnosis but agrees to return for more sessions.

Special Occurrences

The Sopranos continues to introduce new characters in this episode. Johnny Sack, played by Vince Curatola, is the boss of New York City. He is a suave man who respects Tony, but his intentions and aspirations are unknown. Irina, Tony’s mistress, acts as an instigator of tension between Tony and Carmela and is a frequent barrier in their marriage. Irina is played by Oksana Lada.


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