Path to Understanding

Communication is the problem. Create sounds. Create tastes. Create emotions. Create physical contact. Create smells. Create visions. What is it that's missing from the human mind and or soul that keeps us from eternal greatness? The one thing we do know is simple. A majority of humans share 5 senses that are similar to one another. While the way we interpreted these senses, may be completely different than your neighbor. For some reason, people that live in the same city or even state, have a more similar relationship to the stimulation of their senses, emotions and reactions than someone who is outside those limits (I.e. city or state limits) This is simply explained, people outside of that limit are experiencing, what could be, something completely different. You and your neighbor have a common environment and communication, in a scientific study this is called a constant. With a constant it's possible to have a base “value” that is neutral. Something in an experiment that is always the same. Here, being the area in which the people live. Systematically, if done right, we could create a world that applies our senses to the natural world around us. Meaning that we can create a way to literally connect ourselves to our surroundings. Including individuals (animals, trees, other humans, etc.) that would physically be there and mentally be there without having to “prove to your senses” the being is in fact there with you.

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