Pastoral Workers For Christ – Part 2

Dodong Banaynal, CFC Misamis Oriental

A Family Party

If one is blessed with the opportunity to visit the CFC family in Cagayan de Oro, a run-in with the Banaynals would be hard to avoid. With 12 children (7 of them nieces and nephews) under their care, CFC full-time worker Dodong already refers to his family as a party in itself.


Dodong and wife Inday have been with CFC Misamis Oriental since 1989 and, like most busy husbands, Dodong admits that he turned down two invitations to join the Christian Life Program (CLP) before actually joining one. “The third time”, he says, I was actually challenged. I was told that I couldn't make it through the 13 weeks. At the first few sessions of the CLP, he would even bring a UHF radio with the volume turned up, to distract the speakers. It was in talk #3, however, that the Lord finally got through to him, and Dodong knew that he was hooked. On one occasion, he had to be out of town on business which meant he would have to miss a CLP session, so he booked himself a round-trip flight just so he would be able to catch the CLP and go back to his business trip afterwards. The Lord touched him so powerfully during the course of the CLP that, after their Baptism in the Holy Spirit, he would be able to share to others how he didn't care if his life were to end now; he felt so much freedom from all of life's pressures. And it is this freedom that allows Dodong to juggle all the responsibilities of a full-time worker.

Multiple Roles

Currently, he is the Area Head of CFC Bukidnon, and the Area Director of CFC Misamis Oriental. He is also the Director of the home office and the manager of the FLAME branch in Cagayan de Oro. That, plus being a loving husband to Inday, and father to kids Tanya Kristi, Wanda May, Martha Jo, John Ray, and Mark Daniel, Dodong's schedule really hasn't changed from how it used to be while he was working for an NGO before CFC came along. The only difference now is that his love and service for God is first above all things.

God's Provision

Dodong's life in CFC is also proof of how the Lord provides for his obedient children. Before formalizing his decision to work fulltime, he and Inday discussed the practical side of working for CFC, and they realized that they had to give up a lot of things: their car, the luxury of sending their kids to exclusive schools, and they also had to deal with the fact that food wouldn't always be superfluous. Trusting in God, they took the big step and, despite all their fears, Dodong and Inday were able to build a house for their big family of 14, their kids are all going to fine schools thanks to a presidential scholarship granted to two of them, and they have never had any lack of food on the table.

Dodong knows that CFC is where he belongs. “I've found my life in Couples for Christ. This is where I found the Lord. The personal relationship I have with Him is, here. It was never there before”.

Arch Tunnel, CFC Ohio, USA

I really felt the call to work full time as early as 1996. I enjoy doing Gods work. I like meeting people, seeing them being touched by the Holy Spirit and watching them grow in the Lord. Hence, after the CFC USA North America Leaders' Conference in New Jersey, our brother Arch Tunnell became our new full time pastoral worker in the U.S.

Prior to accepting this service, he has had a very colorful career as an athlete. He was a Football Coach of John Carroll University, a Jesuit University in Cleveland Ohio. He was a football, basketball and track star.

Arch also taught Health and Physical Education at the Solon High School where he had also coached the foot ball team. He also holds a Masters Degree in Education which he earned from Bowling Green State University In Ohio. Arch was also recently elected into the Football Hall of Fame of his school, and a banquet will be given in his honor where he will be given the award. He retired as a teacher in 1994 and as football coach in 1997 to work full time for CFC.

Arch is the Area Head of CFC Ohio, aside from being a member of the CFC USA National Council. He is also the CFC Area Director for Central United States which covers the states of Nebraska, Kentucky, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan and Texas.

Like the zeal and enthusiasm Arch has given his sport, he also gives the same fervor in serving God. He and his wife Marlyn joyfully and eagerly go around to other states to give teachings and help set up new areas. Marlyn likewise retired from her job this year so they can travel as often as possible as a couple. Arch and Marlyn have three wonderful children and four adorable grandchildren: David, 34, is married to Laura Novotny and they have a son, Brandon; Danielle, 29, is married to Todd Thombs and they have three children, Hannah, Emma and John; and Gina, 23, is single and working as an assistant manager.

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