File this under wtf department lol i am meeting someone in a parking lot to give them my cd because they might be my bass player in a new band project of sorts. the dvd was in a box in side of another box. now both boxes were empty. i put the one in the other and put them on the ground in the parking lot and the box and the box in the box blew away several parking spots. the thought i had was that this box is not made of plastic it is made of cardboard. cardboard comes from paper, paper comes from trees, it is biodegradeable, it will not hurt the environment and besides the wind took the box away from me. i didnt discard it as such. after the guy who i was meeting drove away some dude with another dude in a subcompact car drives up and antagonistically shouts at me asking if i am going to throw the garbage away. his tone was very heavy and confrontational. i suppose he thought he was doing something good but it got really ridiculous when he said he would go get the cops if i didnt get the box back and throw it out properly. then he started telling me about how he has kids etc. i guess he thought that i was setting a bad example for his kids? i guess he thinks that he is a super hero who has a mission to antagonize anyone he deems to be a litter bug and thereby save the world?

I am not a small guy. New Hampshire is an open carry state, how did he know that i wouldnt react violently to this confrontation? was it really worth it over a windblown cardboard box? what would the cops have done? there was no crime, not even close. where was this guy in regards to being non judgemental, forgiving, loving? nowhere on the charts lol.

I decided that I didnt want to engage because a. the guy was doing the best that he could and thought he was doing something right. b. i didnt know how crazy he really was c. it was all too weird and d. it was easier to just grab the box and throw it out later. i just grabbed the box and put it in my car and told him to consider being nicer to his neighbors. that was my judgement of the guy. he drove away laughing. crazy huh?

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