ownCloud 7 was just released!

Wednesday, 23th July 2014 via https://owncloud.com/get-public-cloud-flexibility-files-self-hosted-owncloud-7-community-edition-2-2/

The new version of ownCloud 7 is out, bringing new features to their users. According to their press release ownCloud “…gives end users a “Dropbox-like” experience – complementing the security and privacy on the back end – with an entirely new web interface, mobile web browser support, file activity notifications in emails or the activity stream, and significant performance improvements.”1)

ownCloud 7 installation process is very easy

Among the features we will found in this new version, the more outstanding according to their press release are:

  • Now is possible to share files “Server-to-Server” among users with external ownCloud installations. This means no more anonymous share-linking.
  • The files view has been changed to make it easier to sort, scroll down and report if they are hosted in another storage cloud service.
  • A new file notification system without leaving your work flow that warns when something is been changed
  • You can convert now ownCloud Documents “on the fly” with Word Conversion. Any change will be synced with the different instances using it.
  • Mobile Web Browser Support for tablets and mobile devices, specially on those with no app support
  • User Management have become much easier to accomplish in this version viewing all users and their attributes in a single window.
  • The Antivirus app has been updated too, allowing thus the use of external scanners in addition to ClamAV.
  • Now is possible for admins to edit the email templates, adding more customization to the process.
  • You can select now much easier the SMTP configuration through a wizard.

You can grab your copy to run in your server, or mobile devices in minutes2) or use their demo and test it3) if you like.

ownCloud 7 showing the documents
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