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Ow! – A poem

I’m not claiming this is great work but if you’ve ever suffered from sinus headaches or migraines, I suspect you can relate. I’d happily read any poems anyone else would like to write on this topic. Misery loves company ;-)


Have you felt
The way I feel
So much strife it can’t be real

Tormenting me
This heavy hand
Dealt to me I cannot stand

I want to think
But cannot do
Much too much, I’m being true

It hurts so bad
You cannot know
I’m sure my head is going to blow

The pressure’s high
My skull feels bent
My tolerance is all but spent

I’m feeling like
I’m kinda ill
Popping several cheap white pills

Drinking water
Downing tea
I wish the ache would let me be

If I could write
Other things
I would but know how much this stings

I cry out loud
And break the sky
Wretchedly I ask gods why

They answer not
They could know
I need this so that I can grow

Perhaps in time
I’ll pass the test
Certainly I’ll try my best

I blow my nose
I breathe in steam
It doesn’t help or so it seems

Whatever can
I say or do
Right now I’ll take a witches brew

I’d slam my brain
With a blow
Perhaps the thud would make it go

Can you tell
Would you say
A thing to help me on this day

Is there a way
To make it faster
A sonic headache tool to master

The throbbing veins
In front of face
What evil spell is in this place

Maybe if
I quit smoking
You laugh but hear I am not joking

If I promise
Lord on high
Would he help the time go by

Will it end
How can I know
It seems so long I’m thinking no

I’d say a prayer
If I knew how
I’d sacrifice a fattened cow

If I could only
Fall asleep
But I can’t even count ten sheep

The challenge is
To even see
My fuzzy head is killing me

Even little
Plaintive sounds
Enough to make me hit the ground

If I could revel
Not so bad
But I’ve got duties so I’m sad

I’ll leave you lone
And let you be
This stabbing strain is just for me

The tablets have
Taken hold
It’s not as bad though I feel old

Still feel bad
But don’t worry
I’ll get better in a hurry

Plain is less
But feeling sick
Between the two it's what I’d pick

So go about
Your daily scene
Alone I’ll suffer feeling green


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