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Overcoming Life's Adversities

Big or small, there are many accomplishments achieved in ones life over the years. One of my largest achievements is making it through the good, bad and ugly in life, not only as a physical bodied person but also as a mentally stable individual. Although life gets rough, not only for me but for all of us, it's important to realize that obstacles in our path are meant to test us and distract us from the big picture. Through small failures one is capable of becoming very successful, if we decide to take the step toward understanding yourself and exceeding your limits. I have many accomplishments that have made me the person I am today.

Growing up we fail to see the side of the world most would rather forget anyway, which is our first and hardest lesson to learn. This became apparent to me when I became of age to realize that my family was, for lack of a better word, poor. Always eating beans, rice and tortillas while our clothes were hand-me-downs from my parents friends children. As a child I didn't know how important and humbling this experience would be, but as an adult today it has taught me to appreciate everything to its fullest potential and never take for granted the things you receive.

Another important time in our lives, which is full of problems, distractions, drama, and fun, ends up being school. Much of a child's mind is developed while going through school. Some extremists even go as far to say, school brain washes our society. Weather or not this is true, one thing remains certain. We do, in fact, learn from schooling. In the earlier years we learn very simple but life changing knowledge. I remember kindergarden, sitting on a huge rug, the alphabet bordered the rug in squares big enough for our little selves to sit “criss cross apple sauce” like Mrs. Debera used to say. At such a young age we learn communication, body language, how to share, what to do in certain situations, and so many other things that as an adult we use on a daily basis without realizing. Moving up to middle school we learn the 'darker' side of things, bullying, drugs, dating, sex, fights, things that we need not learn at such a young age but some how every generation has been relatively similar in their traits of learning. In high school, it is more about independence, learning to make your environment work for you, socializing, “real life” interactions, basically the things that mature one out of a childish mindset, though one is never fully clear of unnecessary thoughts. Throughout the time we are schooled, a child learns many life lessons and many life questions.

Being the oldest of 4 kids, it's sometimes rough knowing I'm the one that's looked up to and the one that paves the path my siblings will soon follow. I hadn't a choice in this matter, so I try my hardest to keep moving forward, making what i believe to be, the best decisions. I may have had some bumpy patches on the way but who doesn't? My failures, created examples for my brothers of what not to do. One of the biggest events I had to over come was accepting moving from house to house and state to state. As a kid it's easily one of the hardest things, make friends in one place and have move to a completely different city or state, starting off as the “new” kid all the time. This opened my mind to learning how to react in different situations and with different types of people, which is useful in most aspects of life. Although I didn't know it at the time, this experience would shape many of my future interests, such as psychology and the interaction of humans with their environment. Today I have accepted my rough past as something that has opened my eyes to the terrain of reality, and has set me up for a successful future

Another large portion of ones life is time spent meeting new people and creating relationships. Moving states makes it hard to keep in touch with friends at such a young age, but now that I'm older I've created relationships that will be life long with many people. Being social and interacting is a very important role when talking about progression in ones life. How? Simply because if you didn't know how to communicate and socialize, it would be hard to interact with your everyday surroundings. I saw a quote recently: “be the person that you would like to meet” it's a tough concept to grasp but we all need to realize that no matter how alone you feel there is always someone out there that feels, maybe not the exact same, but similar to what you feel. If you are not the person you would like to meet in the world, why would anyone else want to meet you? One of the relationships that I was lucky enough to have was with my mother. Now, I know your thinking, of course you would have a good relationship with your mom. However, my situation was much different. My father, in and out of jail while I was growing up as a young child. Effected me both positively and negatively, the positive side of the matter was I got to have an unbreakable relationship with my mom. The negative side being, I didn't have a father to show me how to throw a ball or how to swim or how to do the things a normal boy should do, my mother tried to compensate but there's nothing that can replace a father figure in a child's life. Understanding how to accept and letting the past be the past, although difficult, is another one of my biggest accomplishments.

In life we also have hobbies, these too, can be an accomplishment within themselves. It takes commitment, persistence, and interest to stick with a hobby/skill. A few of my biggest hobbies are snowboarding, skateboarding, and writing hip hop songs. Me and snowboarding didn't always see eye to eye, it was more like me seeing the floor and the mountain kicking my butt. It was this way for two years, so I quit altogether. After two years of constant discouragement and failure. I realized that I'm not terrible because I don't get snowboarding itself, I'm not bad because I keep telling myself that I'm bad. It was my mindset. When the next year rolled around, I told myself, it's make it or break it. Finally understanding that it's what I make of it that counts, snowboarding is now my number one hobby. Skateboarding started much like snowboarding but I picked up the logistics in a shorter amount of time. Since learning to maneuver my body weight while snowboarding, skating was much easier for me to pick up. Still, Being strapped onto a snowboard and being free footed on a skateboard are two different styles all together. A lot of falling, bruises, cuts and scrapes are necessary when learning how to skate. After all, if you don't fall (fail) how would you learn what not to do? My third and final hobby is writing hip hop songs, this isn't something anyone can do, and I'm not saying I'm the greatest that ever lived but a lot of logic comes into play when writing. When I say hip hop, I do NOT mean mainstream, radio, or million dollar sellout songs that talk about money, drugs and girls. When I say hip hop I mean, writing for the passion and emotion, not for the fame and money, most call this underground hip hop. This is a big achievement to me for many reasons, growing up I wanted to have a unique talent that not everyone could just decide to do. Writing songs is exactly that, one needs to have a voice that flows, and the lyrics to back up the flow of the music itself. Being as I've always wanted to be a singer but cannot sing, this was a the closest substitute. I didn't wake up one day and decide to start writing music, collectively over the years the music I listened to became more and more degrading and unnecessary. Therefore I like to say I took 'action' on changing the message of the music but this is strictly just to have fun and another way to meet new people. If it happens that I'm good enough to someone, that I'm worth perusing me, so be it. If not, I wasn't expecting to make anything but a hobby out of it. Which reminds me of a quote “If you expect nothing from anyone, everything you receive is a gift” so take nothing for granted and live every moment to its greatest potential because you will never have the option to take it back or live it again.

All in all, there are so many things we as individuals accomplish over the years and although we all encounter different situations and problems, in many aspects we are all very much alike. Accomplishments set you up for the future, and show you that your limits can be pushed much further than ever thought possible. Be the change you want to see in the world, and live the life you want to live because no one else will or can for you.

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