Our Universe and the Law of attraction

Have you ever wondered where we fit into this gigantic universe of ours? That is something I’ve asked myself hundreds of times and on my searches for knowledge I have yet to come across a rock solid answer. There are many theories and speculation out there but which ones do you believe? My quest for knowledge seems to be a never ending one as I search the web and purchase books on this topic. One of the theories I have taken a liking to, is that we are ALL part of the enormous energy called our universe. We are all connected in some way, spiritually. If you look at the sheer size of the universe, our little planet earth is like a speck of dust floating around in space. Scientists at NASA can only estimate the size and they called it infinite. Imagine for a minute how big that is. We have earth and our surrounding planets like Jupiter, mars, Pluto, the sun etc. This is our solar system and our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Now in the Milky Way Galaxy our entire solar system appears merely as a tiny spot. What’s more intriguing is that the brains at NASA claim that there are millions, even infinite galaxies out there! This is scary stuff don’t you agree? What lies beyond all this, if there really is an “end” or edge of the universe?

Spiritual gurus will say that we are all connected to this universe through our thoughts and feelings or emotions. This is where things like The Law of Attraction takes place and where you can do life changing things when you “connect” with the universe or energy. Our minds and brains are amazing instruments which still baffles the “smart people”. Science can’t really explain what happens when we get an inspirational idea, intuition or a creative spark yet it happens all the time. Some folks even have a bit of psychic talent like when you think of a family member or friend you haven’t heard of in years and that same day the person calls you out of the blue! So I agree that there is much more to us and our surroundings than meets the eye. Coming back to the Law of Attraction… which states that “like attracts like” This simply means that whatever your dominant thoughts and feelings are, you will attract more of that. So if you are miserable all day long and your thoughts are all negative then you get MORE of that throughout the day/week/month. Therefore it’s imperative that you try and monitor your DOMINANT thoughts and feelings. Obviously you can’t monitor each and every thought that comes into your mind, this will drive you insane! Like I said, watch those dominant thoughts and feelings. Try your best to think positive thoughts and feel good emotions throughout the day and I promise you, you will get MORE of that back in your life. This really works! I do it all the time. Later when you see some results you might want to give this Law a shot at achieving some goals in your life. Maybe some long lost goals you had many years ago but gave up pursuing or never got the chance to do? You have nothing to lose, just give it a try. Try everyday to be thankful for everything you have right now in your life and FEEL the grateful emotion.

Try to always practice good emotions like joy, hope, happiness, love, optimism etc and steer clear of the bad ones like despair, jealousy, hate, worry, doubt, anger etc. These bad “vibes” only bring us down and hold us back in life, besides life is way too short to still carry this negative baggage around all the time. So let go of them and try your best to forgive others who may have hurt you in any way. I know this can be very hard and is easier said than done but it will hold you back in life if you hold grudges.

So our connection to the gigantic universe (which we know very little about) is through our thoughts and emotions. Another thing we don’t understand fully is our subconscious mind. This is where all your emotions and fears and habits etc are all stored, including your memories. Spiritual gurus will teach that in order for you to “connect” to the universe you must do it via your subconscious mind, hence meditations and visualization exercises are always practiced when one wants to overcome fears or even to achieve goals. The trick is to embed the positive images and emotions in your subconscious mind by repetitive means …over and over in your mind while meditating and “seeing” yourself already having everything you want. This will then set in motion the universe’s energy to bring you exactly that! It sounds far-fetched but what have you got to lose? Just give it a try. Even psychologists tap into their patient’s subconscious minds to access old memories and to overcome mental obstacles and fears. These techniques are even used in the professional sporting community by sport psychologists and trainers. The players show great improvement in their game when they practice mentally as well as doing physical training because you are telling your subconscious that “it’s already done, you’ve already achieved your goal” and this subconsciously gives them the confidence to go and win.

I believe this is doable and can help you in many areas of your life. I am still learning this stuff myself and will write more articles on Law of attraction, meditation, affirmations, visualizations and also brainwaves and ways of getting into a meditative state (some people struggle to meditate). I believe we are all part of this infinite universe and can tap into its vast power to make positive changes in one’s life. Almost all religions have a higher power which they talk about and I believe we’re all talking about the same power. Thanks for reading this article and I hope to write more about this interesting topic.

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