First, I will start by describing MY gods. The main of which are Shiva and Pan, which come together to form the ancient “Pashupati”. What “Pan” is, is wilderness. Pan is not some goat god, that lives in the woods and decides what goes on, and he is not some god in the clouds that governs what “wild” things do. Pan is the fact that wilderness exists. Pan is the ferocity of a scared animal. Pan is the hungry bear. Pan is the Tiger that decides to come into the village. But Pan is not simply “The Wilderness”, Pan is also inside all of us. The is “Good” and “Bad” Pan within us all. When you love your child, you are Pan. But when you raise your hand to your child, you are also Pan. So my gods are not “Gods” as much as they are undeniable phenomenons within nature and social behavior, that I identify as “Important”.

Shiva, though connected to Pan via Pashupati, is very different from Pan. Shiva is the god of men (or masculinity). He is fairly well known as the Lord of the Dance, as well as the God of Ganja and the “Good Father”. This means that Shiva is “present” in the world when people use Marijuana, or when a man raises his child right, or when you lose yourself dancing. The strangest aspect of Shiva is destruction. Shiva is part of the Holy trinity: Creation, Destruction and Preservation. While all these things seem to happen separately in this universe, they are actually one in the same. Atoms are destroyed every day in the sun, so that this planet may have sunlight and energy. Plants are destroyed to sustain human life, and Cannabis is burned to bring us joy and understanding. When an old government is toppled, a new one takes its place. When a forest burns, it is because it was over crowded (when not started by a human). All destruction is a form of creation, just as creation is a form of destruction.

These are my main gods, but I have a few more. I will not get into them now, but I would like to get into my idea of the “Almighty God”… I believe that in the Bible when they say “When two or more people gather in gods name, he is present.” I personally accept that to mean that: The fact that 2 people, is a stronger force than one man alone, is a form of god. And when the Bible says: “We are created in gods image” The are simply saying this…

1) When two (or more) people come together, each person is like a “cell organ” (ex: Mitochondria). And together, cell organs make a “cell”.

2) There are many types of “cells” in this world. Groups of humans, Plants, Animals, Gases, Minerals etc. And when these “cells” come together, they form something like a tissue.

3) This tissue is what we know as “ecosystems” or “Biospheres” (such as deserts and rainforests). These “tissue” come together to create Planets, and Solar systems. Which is like Organs, such as a stomach, liver, heart etc…

4) These organs come together to form organ systems, similar to your respiratory system and circulatory system. But we call these systems “Galaxies”.

5) These organ systems, or “galaxies” come together to form a complete ORGANISM or “Universe”.

We know this organism as “God”. But it is not listening to you. It knows about you, as much as you know about the cells in your own body. Do you cry when dead skin cells flake off? God cares just as much when we die.

But EVERYTHING we do effects god. EVERY cell organ (that's you), does what it does. And those actions come together ALL over the universe to make this universe what it is. We are all god, but we are all nothing in gods eyes (unless we happen to live in gods eyes… If he has eyes).


ALL hindu gods can be broken down into THREE main gods. Then those three gods are considered a holy trinity, makng them 3 forms of the same thing. So ALL gods in the hindu faith are really just one god. “Brahma”.

And if you look back far enough, MOST pagan gods can be broken down into forms of Shiva or Pan. Which come together to actually form the FIRST god we have seen recorded, from the Indus Valley Civilization (the first civilization we know of). That god is Pashupati. So really there is only ONE god and it is Pashupati, and all gods are really just forms of him.

I do not call the “omnipresent creator” Pashupati. I call any god of Earth Pashupati. He created nothing, he is simply something that we can witness and expect to happen in nature and society. This is what I have been trying to describe this whole time.

He is the congregation of humans in the name of ANYTHING. Whether it be god. The hunt. Dancing. Parenting. ANYTHING. He is simply civilization and nature HAPPENING.

The announcement of Pan's death (in ancient times) was a mistake!!!!

I am here to announce that pan is alive. The mountains are roaring, and the prairies are dancing. Feel the presence.

Embrace the best and worst about yourself as one. Listen to the wilderness, and it can not be mistaken. The Great God Pan is Alive!! The world is calling to us. LISTEN

The Wilderness. Go outside, and not just on the sidewalk… REAL woods or some shit. Listen. Do it a few times while getting stoned maybe, to help your perception be deeper.

Then go back to the sidewalk/to your yard, listen.

Think about yourself, the things you WOULD change and the things you LOVE about yourself. Accept them as impossible without each other.

Scratch a dog/cat on its head, behind its ears. Sit with your pet for a while, and try to understand who you are with it/to it. Try to understand who your pet is to HIMSELF.

THEN repeat steps 1 and 2. (True outdoor observation, followed by false outdoor observation)




Pan is there.

His death was a lie.


Smoke weed. Listen to it. Don't tell it where to go, or what to do. Let it guide your thoughts, let it take your body.

This is the first step.

Observe. See what is around you. Notice the wind, notice the temprature, notice the clouds, the stars, the grass, the trees. Begin to learn their names, understand where it is they belong in nature. Deepin your observation, and begin to see why everything is where it is, and what is is doing, and what other things are doing to it…

Then look at things like humans, virus', and bacteria. Realize that this is the category we fall in.

We are a parasite, we gain from other beings loss. The earth, the animals, the vegetation. The more it loses, the more we gain.

Then realize where YOU belong. Are you purely part of the human parasite, or do YOU have a place in the Earth as well…

Once you begin to find your place, you will begin to understand. And always remember. Questions are the best answers. Don't EVER seek an end…

Yesterday is not right now, and today is not tomorrow. Livin for the moment? Then your time's already borrowed…


I want to explain some aspects of Voodoo… First…Presentation: Presentation is a BIG part of Voodoo. If I SMELL like a rotting carcase, you can SEE that I am covered in animal blood/Have animal claws on necklaces and bracelets, you can HEAR me screaming curses, or just loud animal like sounds…And I have a sword with warpaint, and talismans all over it…

You wouldn't want to walk up and challenge me, with your leather helmet, shield, and wood/rock spear. Would you?

Another important part… Communication. The (voodoo) people in Haiti, and the people in Cuba, talk to the people in America. One instance that I can reference that you can look up, was on Gangland. A Haitian (Voodoo adherent) gang in Florida gets information from the Haitians that live in Cuba, and work the docks. The men that work those docks, find out what boats are carry what. And they tell old Voodoo wise men in America, then those wise men pass that information off to the gang members…The gang members then go rob the boats, knowing exactly WHAT is on it and WHERE. And it's all like “A little birdie told me.” Another big part of that communication, is the OLD communicate with the YOUNG. They share in decisions and hardships. And also Voodoo communities, just have a VERY strong sense of “community” in general. They understand that “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Faith: Faith is VERY important to them. If you BELIEVE that something can happen, then it is 10x-1000x more possible to happen. The elders understand this, and use it to promote strength and courage in the young community…(If you wear this necklace made of shit-balls, bullets can't hit you) If that kid TAKES that necklace, and TRUSTS that elder, they are more likely to succeed, than if they went through the whole mission blindly, nervous AND afraid.

Nature: There is a strong understanding of nature. Voodoo communities understand their herbs, the trees, plants, animals, weather around them. Some Voodoo practitioners are said to be able to speak to hippos, lions, or other animals(Through tonal noises, and body language). Gaining the animals trust, then sending the animal to attack a foe to protect the “spell caster”. They know when things are happening, based on the animals. There is an entire WORLD outside of human life, that most people don't notice. Many people think humans are the “center of the Earth's focus”…But this is not true, we are just the center of OUR focus. They understand more about that “background” world, than many of us EVER will… Also, on the topic of nature is herbals. Voodoo practitioners know the “magical” (chemical) properties of different plants, and are able to use that (Now, and more-so in the old world). I have read of Voodoo practitioners using “fugu” or “blowfish” poison, to stun (stop heart/lungs ect. Literally killing them) people for days, then allowing them to awaken, and everyone now thinks they are dead. At this point they drug the person with dumbing/numbing drugs and enslave them. Some believe this is what a “zombie” is…


In many other cultures, including the voodoo cultures. Colors have meaning. Like when you see red. You know that that is Automatically a “warning” or “danger” color. In other cultures blue, green, yellow, brown, red, white, black, and all colors have more of a personality than they do in America/English…

They understand/understood the ideas, and spectrum of color in a way that we can only begin to understand.


Time… Some people's god is Time… Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock…Right? Lets break it down. Your cells split. As a child this has no repercussion, your cells do not deteriorate. But as you leave adolescence, every time your cells split, they lose a little of themselves, and appear to become “older”. Which in turn, makes you appear to become “older”. A “Year” is not a true measurement of your human form. It is simply a standard that we CAN live by. A year is simply the Earth moving around the sun one full time. A day, is the Earth turning. And hour is just a segment that was created to cut up, and label pieces of what we call “day” and “night”.

Now, truly, some peoples cells PROBABLY deteriorate faster, or slower than other peoples, and therefore, some of us may be cellularly 30 years old, while our peers, are still cellularly 25-28-22-26. But you are all the same “Earth year” age of say…29…

Now there is the moment of NOW, and the illusion of “Future”, and the memory of past. But the only one that exists is NOW. You can be “aware” of the future and the past. But do not DWELL, seek refuge in them, or cling to them mathematically, grammatically, etc. Live with a sense of the universe that is BIGGER than time. Only then can you be timeless in thought.

Have you ever heard of “Kairos” time? There are two “types” of time. Kairos, and Chronos. Documented by the ancient Greeks.

Chronos: This form of time is scheduled time. When you are at work checking the clock every 5 minutes, or in your car staring at the digital clock, or checking your phone to see what time it is. If this sounds like you ALL day, then you are stuck in what is known as “Chronos” time.

Kairos: The easiest way to explain this form of time is, “Time flies when your having fun.” That REALLY over simplifies it, but it helps you understand how it works if you don't already. Kairos time is the time in which art is made… Deep thoughts are formed… Love is made… Passion is found… The Christians know it as “God's Time” (it is spoken of in the Bible).


Most gods are simply nature and society given human faces. Wilderness, Love, War, Cannabis, Lightning, The Sun, Fire , The Ocean. These gods are just things that happen that we can EXPECT to happen, and we can expect them to react with other aspect of nature and we can expect them to interact in our lives. They are not gods because we worship them, they are gods because they happen whether we want them to or not, and are heavily intertwined in the existence of our species.

The Sun is not a concept. The Ocean is Not a concept. Cannabis is not a concept. Fire is not a concept. The rest could be considered concepts (love, war etc).

But these ARE all gods and I can list them. You just view them with a human face, when in reality that human face just describes something you see in nature everyday.

  • Wilderness: Pan
  • Ocean: Poseidon
  • Sun: Ra
  • Love: Aphodite
  • War: Ares
  • Lightning: Zues
  • Fire: Agni
  • Cannabis: Shiva

These are “Gods” but they do not sit in the sky granting wishes and telling us if we are worthy or not. They are simply things that we ALL experience in our lives. The stories of “The Gods” are just stories of how these natural phenomenon react with one another and how they react with nature and how they react with human civilization.

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